Celebrity Gisele Bundchen: Photo Shoot Sexy in Sao Paulo!

This is very important news for everybody, specially Gisele Bundchen fans. To know this celebrity gossip and see this celebrity pics you don’t forget to read.

Gisele Bundchen was spotted at a photo shoot in Sao Paulo, Brazil yesterday afternoon.
The Victoria’s Secret stunner looked to be picking this celebrity tooth as she strolled around the set in a fabulous white one-shoulder dress.
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In eco-friendly news, Gisele has launched an online campaign in defense of the rain forests in support of World Amazon Day.

This hot celebrity confirmed, "One of the most gratifying things about my work is to be able to travel around the world and get to know the diversity of life on our planet. The sad part is that deforestation (in the Amazon) is increasing at an alarming rate, threatening the forest and our lives, because our health depends on our planet's health. We have to take the steps now to protect our planet's health, to live in harmony with this wonderful planet."

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