Celebrity News- Minka Kelly’s On-Set Sexual Harassment

This is very important news for everybody, specially Minka Kelly fans. To know this celebrity gossip and see this celebrity pics you don’t forget to read.

Celebrity Minka Kelly is one of the hottest ladies in Tinseltown, but that doesn’t mean   this hot celebrity doesn’t deserve the utmost respect.
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So when a crew member on the set of “Charlie’s Angels” slapped her on the rear end while holding out a $100 bill, the “Friday Night Lights” hottie wasn’t having it.
An insider told press, “It seems like it was meant to be a joke, but clearly it was inappropriate. Minka was shocked and absolutely irate. She was still fuming about it hours later.”

And when the man tried to apologize, Miss Kelly wanted nothing to do with him and he was subsequently fired. “The whole set was buzzing about the incident. It was quite a scandal. One day he was there, and the next he was gone.”

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