Petra Ecclestone Accessories Launch New York Fashion Week

Billionairess Petra Ecclestone's accessories line Stark to launch at New York Fashion Week

This is your hot celebrity. To read this celebrity gossip you can know about Petra Ecclestone.Billionairess Petra Eccleston's fashion line Stark is to launch at next week's New York Fashion Week.And, although the It girl has caused quite a stir in the U.S. with her recent purchase of the $85million former Spelling mansion in LA, she insists that the accessories brand will 'speak for itself.'

'It’s not about me - it’s not a celebrity Petra Ecclestone handbag, it’s a Stark handbag. There’s a huge difference.'

The younger daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the British Formula 1 racing mogul, Ms Ecclestone is no stranger to high fashion - the self-confessed lover of bags and shoes is particularly partial to an Hermes Birkin bag - the prices of which run up to $65,000 each.
The accessories range includes handbags and purses that while not fall into the practical category certainly look like the spoils of a billionairess. Think gold, opulent leathers and uber luxury.

Speaking with WWD, the 22-year-old Londoner and owner of a $175million real estate portfolio said that she hopes the collection, to be unveiled at Gramercy Park Hotel, will not be judged upon by her status alone.
'[My background] doesn’t change that I’m trying to be a successful designer.'
'Obviously people are going to have preconceived ideas that it’s not me working, that I don’t come to the office, like I do - I don’t think you can ever change that,' she told the fashion newspaper.

Although Ms Ecclestone says the bags are 'just really kind of fun, glitzy pieces,' her designs are clearly targeted to those with whom Ms Ecclestone may usually mix.

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