Three Wishes for Cinderella (Tri Orisky Pro Popelku)


When I first started SurLaLune almost thirteen(!) years ago, I was innundated with several frequently asked questions that I rarely receive now--mostly because I have incorporated answers on the site and because the breadth of information on the internet has grown. And, yes, SurLaLune, predates Google a little, too. I remember Google in Beta. But one of the frequently asked questions was from many, many readers trying to identify this movie: Three Wishes for Cinderella (Tri Orisky Pro Popelku), also known as Three Nuts for Cinderella.

To be honest, this has been on my to-be-watched list for years, but I have never seen it from start to finish. What I have seen is appealing. But this is a fan favorite, the favorite film Cinderella for many and one that slipped my mind the other day when I discussed other Cinderella films.

The DVDs are out of print again, but again, someone has posted the film in parts on YouTube. I'm embedding a few chapters here. Has anyone reading here seen this?


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