Depp And Jolie in new Batman flick

Rumors are swirling that Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie will be in the next Batman film. Word is Depp will play the role of The Riddler, and Angelina will sex it up as Catwoman.

They say The Dark Knight has done so well, producers are already casting for the next film. There is also talk that Phillip Seymour Hoffman could play Penguin. Christian Bale has already signed up to star in the sequel. The Dark Knight has taken in $440 Million across the globe....

RTE/ PR Photos
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Next generation

Kevin Costner and daughter Lily outside The Late Show

PR Photos
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Bubel/Aiken Gala Sells Out

SPECIAL OCCASIONS - New York City skyline photo and graphic by Sally.

Happy Birthday, Sally!

TBAF Celebrates Five Years

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation celebrated its fifth birthday with a bang Monday as individual tickets for the 2008 Champions of Change Gala sold out in little more than an hour.

Today we not only commemorate the Bubel/Aiken anniversary, but also the birthday of Sally -- friend, mentor, and teacher of many graphic artists published here.

For me, she is a sister-friend. To my grandson, she soon became his his fairy godmother, spearheading an online baby shower in September and celebrating Kai through many creative graphics and photo edits.

Happy Birthday, Sally! The party continues below with some of my friend's classic CA graphics in the interlude.

Gala To Spotlight Inclusion

A celebration of the inclusion of people of all abilities, the Oct. 18 gala at the Raleigh (NC) Marriott City Center will feature a special performance by Clay Aiken and recognition of this year's Champions of Change honorees.

The evening -- dinner, silent and live auctions, entertainment -- serves to promote awareness of the benefits of inclusion and support TBAF’s programs which give children with disabilities the opportunity to experience life with their typical peers.

Diane Bubel and son Mike in 2003.

TBAF grew out of the relationship between Clay, Diane Bubel, and her then 13-year-old son Mike, who had been diagnosed with autism. Clay met the Bubel family while pursuing a career in special education at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte.

The Bubels and Clay shared a vision of a world where children like Mike could be fully immersed in society. Having witnessed those with disabilities repeatedly turned away from activities opened to typical children, they knew that with the right support system, doors could be opened to these individuals, an organized effort could encourage and facilitate community inclusion and empowerment of individuals with disabilities.

The goal became a reality when Clay and Diane co-founded TBAF. The official announcement was made on July 28, 2003 in New York City. For a timeline and much more, see TBAF Events at the Clay Aiken Kids site.

First Funds for TBAF - Graphic by Fountaindawg

Clay Opens Initial TBAF Account

In New York City for the American Idol 2 Tour, Clay attended the ribbon cutting of the new Wachovia Bank at Rockerfeller Center. Both Wachovia and Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented TBAF checks for $10,000. With these funds, Clay opened the branch's first account for the charity.

When the AI2 Tour stopped in Raleigh on Aug. 6, Clay and Diane Bubel held a press conference to discuss the formation of TBAF. They were presented a check by fans already fundraising for the organization.

TBAF serves to bridge the gap that exists between young people with special needs and the world around them, supporting communities with inclusive programs and helping to create awareness about the possibilities that inclusion can bring.

We are, as they say, the product of the choices we make. I challenge each of you to make the choice that leads to full access, celebrating the human rights we all deserve. When you see a child in a wheelchair, will you choose to see the child? Or the chair?

When you stand in the presence of someone who cannot speak, will you choose to hear only silence? Or will you choose the tapestry that is found in the language without words?

When you’re facing parenting or teaching a child with a disability, will you choose to be overwhelmed by the challenges? Or will you choose to recognize a different kind of hero who brings you one of life’s most precious gifts – hope? -- Clay Aiken

In the past five years, TBAF and its supporters have participated in a variety of fundraising and volunteer projects to provide a world of inclusion -- Wrapping for Inclusions, the publishing of Our Friend Mikayla, Scrapping for Inclusion, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, Golfing for Inclusion, Goodsearch, Charming for Inclusion, America's Giving Challenge, Let's All Play Camps, Penny Lane, Six Degrees, Krispy Kreme, and on and on.

Clay Aiken at TBAF's 2006 Gala
Graphic by Amazing_CA, photo by Pink Cocoa

Previous galas -- Night of Champions, Voices for Change, Champions for Change -- were held in Kansas City, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Ft. Lauderdale, and Raleigh.

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation believes it’s time to include all children in community programs. Inclusion benefits children with and without disabilities.

The Foundation is committed to creating communities where ALL children can learn, live, and play together. Our hope is that together, we can make our world a better place for ALL children. -- Diane Bubel

You can read more about the 2008 Champions of Change here. For more information about the foundation, see TBAF website.

Plans are rolling for the 2008 Gala. Stay tuned for more reports as October approaches.

In previous years, Sally shared her talent for graphics and photography in an OFC blog. On occasion, she included instructional entries about how she obtained certain effects.

A couple of years ago we surprised her with a birthday bash in her journal. I "picked the lock," and several graphic artists supplied the decorations. The one above was created by ABeautifulMind.

Sally also started the Paint Shop Pro Forum at Clayversity in which her step-by-step lessons for various aspects of photo editing and creating graphics are still excellent references.

The PSP Forum contains a Celebrations Thread if CV members would like to drop by with a greeting. Sally is a faithful reader of this blog if you would like to send her a message here.

Students Make Teacher Proud

As a teacher, I understand how proud Sally is of her "students." In some instances, she opened an AIM account just to guide novices through the inital steps of graphic design. She proudly admits that some long ago surpassed their teacher.

In other entries, I have featured examples of Sally's photographs of flowers, the Great Smoky Mountains, Canada. Today I thought it would be an exceptional treat to have her bring her own party decorations. LOL, again I picked the lock.

The five graphics below represent earlier Clay Aiken tours and performances -- Jukebox, Joyful Noise, Singerman's "confetti moment" at the AI5 Finale. In addition to screen caps, photographers include Tasapio, 1, and Invisible926, 3.

Thank you, Sally, for being such a special friend. Everyone, enjoy the party!

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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Gab a piece

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Clay Aiken Fans Stay Busy

SEE YOU SOON -- Can we make that "real soon," sir? - Graphic by Amazing_CA, photo by BigAppleforClay.

Clean Houses + New Montages

In Place of a Summer Tour

While Clay Aiken most likely is enjoying a much-deserved vacation, his fans are staying busy, even productive. Many proclaim their houses cleaner than ever, and new CA montages are popping up at YouTube daily.

All, however, would gladly trade the spare time for a tour. Each 2007 summer concert is commemorated in grand style throughout Clay Cyberspace with photos, videos, and memorable recaps on its anniversary.

New montages feature songs from Clay's CD On My Way Here and incorporate a variety of themes like the upcoming Beijing Olympics and fond recollections of the past five years.

A very popular series searches for Clay in some of his known favorite "hangouts" -- Krispy Kreme establishments, McDonalds, Benihana, and a certain Smithfield barbeque restaurant.

A thorough listing of OMWH montages appears in the July 14 blog below: Aiken Fans 'Use Their Voice'. Here are some new ones to sample.

Graphic by Cindilu2 links to "The Real Me" montage.

Cindilu2's design with photos by KarenEh links to The Real Me by LovesClaysVoice, which highlights in videos and still photos Clay's performances and charity work since American Idol 2.

You can download the montage with this Sendspace: The Real Me.

For fans of the hit TV show "Lost," LCV's latest montage combines Clay singing Something About Us from OMWH with scenes of Jack and Kate. A Sendspace download is provided here.

Photo by Clayzthe1 links to "The Most of Our Time."

Yollie950's montage, The Most of Our Time, opens with Barry Manilow's song, "I Am Your Child," and transitions into "The Real Me" and "As Long As We're Here" from OMWH.

Download The Most of Our Time with this Sendspace file. The photo shows Clay dancing with his mother, Faye Parker, at a Joyful Noise concert in Norfolk.

Amazing_CA's graphic links to the "The Search Begins."

The Clay Channel is conducting a search for Singerman. In addition to The Search Begins, be sure to watch The Search for Clay Continues, and The Search for Clay, Part 3.

A fourth "search" plan is already in the works.

Famous Raleigh AI tour concert photo links to "Falling."

SueRue incorporates a variety of special effects with images from Clay's tour concerts, "Spamalot," TV appearances, and TBAF in her new montage set to Falling from OMWH.

The linking photo is the famous scene of Clay's hometown welcome at the AI2 Raleigh tour concert. Save your own copy of Falling with this Sendspace file.

Clay listens to Wildcard critique on American Idol 2.

'Standing Before a Star'

In Clay's Audition, Nygel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick, executive producers of American Idol, discuss his AI2 journey. Posted at YouTube by Billandsherri, the clip includes Clay's audition and Wildcard performance, "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me."

Fans will appreciate the comments:

It would be fair to say that Clay is a perfect representation of "Don't judge a book by its cover'"

What happened week after week, America began to accept this character, not just because he was changing his look, but because that voice was superb.

When he sang "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me," you knew you were standing in front of a star.

Add Sunday's positive quote from Simon Cowell in Scott D. Pierce's Deseret News article, American Idol Auditioners Face Heavy Odds:

I honestly think (Season 2 runner-up) Clay Aiken has changed this competition forever. It's becoming incredibly personality led now," Cowell said — explaining Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks.

Eric Ogden photo enhanced by Sally

OMWH Hitting Asian Airwaves

Fans continue to report that On My Way Here is receiving air play in several Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, and Singapore.

According to Snowluv4 of Clayversity, "OMWH" was played during a preview for the next "Never Ending Story," MBC's weekly documentary with in-depth interviews of celebrities, sports stars, and normal people. Next week's show is about Jackie Chan.

MBC has featured "OMWH" in three documentaries and one Olympic broadcast commercial. Here is a Sendspace download of the Jackie Chan preview.

Also at CV, Clayworthy posted that she heard "OMWH" while at a hair salon during the 6 p.m. rush hour Friday. The Singapore shop owner keeps her radio dial on Malaysia 99.1 FM.


'Spamalot' graphic by Cindilu2

Broadway Yearbook Now on Pre-Order is offering an exclusive 34% discount and early delivery date to fans who pre-order the new 2007 - 2008 Playbill Broadway Yearbook by Thursday, Aug. 14. The yearbook will be available at select bookstores nationwide on Sept. 2.

List price for the 528-page hardcover yearbook is $35. The discounted offer at Playbill is $22.95.

The fourth edition of the popular annual Playbill Broadway Yearbook features a chapter for each of the 70 shows that ran on Broadway between June 2007 and May 2008. The long-running and new shows of the season are all there.

In addition to headshots of every actor who appeared in Playbill, the book includes photos of producers, writers, designers, stage managers, musicians and even stagehands. Milestone events such as opening night curtain calls and cast parties are also recorded.

For more information, see
Playbill Broadway Yearbook.

AOL Sessions interview screen cap by ClayIzzaQT

Fans Stream AOL, Yahoo Videos

Unfortunately, OMWH songs are no longer available at AOL Music. However, fans can still stream the five

AOL Sessions video performances of "Ashes," "Everything I Don't Need," "Where I Draw the Line," "On My Way Here," and "Something About Us."

Other streaming sites include the OMWH video at
Yahoo Music! and Clay's My Space for "OMWH," "EIDN," and "Ashes" tracks.

Party Planner Extraordinaire

My niece has got to be one of the best surprise party planners around. In June, she and her sister successfully surprised their parents with a 40th wedding anniversary celebration that included family and friends from several states representing their college years to the present.

This weekend she is at it again, arranging a surprise birthday party for her husband in his native Nebraska. In addition to my nephew's parents, four sisters and their families, Carolinians flying in include the party planner, the couple's two children, and his in-laws, my sister and BIL.

Key to the plan was a boss who agreed to send the engineer to Nebraska to meet with a "bogus" potential client this weekend. While en route to Omaha, boss man planned to call his employee with news that the client would be unable to meet with him until Monday and to go visit his parents.

Birthday Shindig Stays on Track

There were problems getting through, so the boss tossed that duty back to my niece, who relayed the message. As he had been all week, my nephew was hard at work on his computer preparing for the meeting when his wife called with the news.

In fact, he is so particular about details that he kept office personnel hopping gathering every possible chart, graph, and bit of information he might need for this weekend's presentation.

Following his wife's phone call Thursday, nephew closed his laptop and kicked up his heels for a visit with his sister and her family in Omaha. Friday he drove the three hours to his parents' home.

Carolina Contingent Arrives

Within an hour, the Carolina crowd landed at the Omaha airport, spent the night with the same sister, and headed to Hastings where there promises to be one heckuva surprise shindig Saturday night.

Kudos to the party planner and the amenable boss man! There's no telling how much ribbing the staff has in store for birthday guy when he returns, however.

Happy Birthday, Nephew!

Below is a clickable of ACA's lead graphic:

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation! SEE YOU SOON, Clay!


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Aiken Fans Replay 2007 Tour

CLAY AIKEN RERUN -- The Sterling Heights and Meadowbrook Concerts from the 2007 Summer Tour take another spin. Graphic by Ambassador of Love, photos by LynninNJ.

Field Notes Focus on Kenya

Rewind: 'Listen' Duet & Bugs!

Whether seated in the Freedom Hill Amphitheater at Sterling Hills, MI, or connected via cellcert stream thousands of miles away, fans immediately recognized that the impromptu "Listen" duet by Clay Aiken and Quiana Parler on July 23, 2007, would long be remembered as one of the most incredible, magical moments in a long line of stellar performances.

Subbing for the ailing Angela Fisher, the unrehearsed duo brought down the house and elicited exclamations that continue to this day wherever fans gather. Totally unrehearsed, the glorious vocals soared with beautifully balanced harmonies.

At the conclusion, music director Jesse Vargas joined the amazed audience in a spontaneous standing ovation.

Photo by MeganAiken links to 'Listen' duet on YouTube.

The above Listen video posted by maxineismyhero can be viewed at YouTube. Downloads are still available at Clack Unlimited.

The same is true for the countless others, each reflecting a different angle by the videographer and all of which should be "researched" on this one-year anniversary. Of the many versions at YouTube, here are a few to get your started:
Listen video by dlh7777; Listen video by austinclaymate; and Listen video by slg11.

Goldarngirl and Luckiest1, known for their concert montages, have one of the Sterling Heights Listen Duet that incorporates several videos and includes quite a bit of the before and after banter. Here is a Sendspace download of this 93MB Listen montage.

Let's Listen, a montage by malgosia19, highlights several Summer 07 concerts and is accompanied by the Clay-Quiana duet. You will find lots more for the day's celebration.

This 2007 Summer Tour rewind features the Sterling Heights and Meadowbrook concerts of July 23 and 25. Clay's final Field Notes blog about his recent UNICEF mission reports on the education situation in Kenya.

Amazing_CA's graphic links to Sterling Heights Slide Show.

Slide Shows Recalls Michigan Memories

The Sterling Heights concert was filled with many memorable moments. Photographers ClayIzzaQT, LynninNJ, FiveGoldens, Shamrock, and MeganAiken are featured in the above slide show from the 2007 performance.

One year later, the Freedom Hill Amphitheater website still showcases An Evening with Clay Aiken, a slide show of photos by Larry Garcia accompanied by a medley of CA songs.

Claysmelody's graphic, photo by Gerwisp, celebrates Meadowbrook.

Insects Invade NH Center Stage

Meadowbrook is a beautiful setting for a summer concert; but on a hot New England night with high humidity, very little breeze, and a spotlight targeting Clay Aiken & Co., New Hampshire insects invaded center stage, attacked from all directions, and assured their legacy via the singer's famous spontaneity in banter and lyrical references all evening long.

The exact date was July 25, 2007; and because of the bright lights, bugs of all varieties were especially interested in the three singers ... "up my shirt, in my nose, plus I think I even swallowed one!" Clay interjected. During "1999" in The Classics Medley, he sang, "The sky was all purple; there were mosquitos everywhere."

Another time Clay joked, "The mosquitos are breeding, and my music is getting them in the mood!" Just as he made lemonade with the insect onslaught in banter and song, the entertainer put to good use a can of bug spray handed him mid-concert.

Belledisastre provides a swat of the bug-filled evening with her Meadowbrook Mosquito Debacle video at YouTube.
For more Meadowbrook banter, here is a Sendspace of Scruffy's Best of SRHPT 2007 - Gilford montage.

Link to Meadowbrook Slide Show with photo by LynninNJ.

The above Meadowbrook Slide Show features photos by LynninNJ, Tangerine, Gerwhisp, claytonsmyccf, claytonaiken43657, Tsunamimommy, and LonelyNoMore44.

Musicians Shine in 'The Bug Show'

Besides being remembered as "The Bug Show," Meadowbrook will go down in CA fan lore as the night the excellent musicians of the Nashua Symphony proved their merit. At 2:30 p.m., the discovery was made that all show scores -- as well as the stools for the three singers -- had inadvertently been left in Detroit on the 23rd.

Parts were faxed to the venue, and an abbreviated rehearsal commenced at 4:30 p.m. Clay applauded the Nashua musicians for learning the show in record time.

And as he did at every performance, the singer encouraged the concert attendees to support their local arts organizations and showered the evening's orchestra with well-deserved kudos.

"If you live in New England and don't support them [symphonies], they will leave and we won't have anyone to play with ... unless these horseflies learn to play the trombone!"

A musician who has dodged swarming mosquitos and competed with choruses of cicadas, I thought that was one of the funniest lines all night. Listening to the cellstream on my computer and reading the accompanying thread, I enjoyed a good laugh remembering all the outdoor concerts and weddings Clay's remark summoned for me.

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Included in this clickable collection are graphics created with photos from Clay's recent Samolia-Kenya travels. Visual artists featured are Amazing_CA, 1; Claysmelody, 2; UNICEF photographer Nick Ysenburg (Kenya), 3; BettyJean, 4; and SmartyPantsSuz, 5.

Kids in School a Kenyan Priority

Tuesday Clay's third and final Field Notes blog about his recent trip to Somalia and Kenya was posted on UNICEF's website. Parts are quoted below, and all can be read at Field Notes.

UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken recently visited the East African countries of Somalia and Kenya, where UNICEF provides children with health care, education, nutrition, clean water and sanitation. This is the last in a series of blog posts he has written about his experience in the field.

In early July, after visiting Somalia, I traveled to Eldoret, in Kenya’s Rift Valley, to visit camps for internally displaced people. This is where some of the worst violence took place following the Kenya elections in early 2008. Thousands of children were made homeless by the unrest.

Everywhere we went, there were the charcoaled remains of homes, schools and shops. We drove for hours and everywhere we went, we saw people trying to get their lives restored.

Although many schools were re-opened, far fewer children are turning up for class than before. And classes are taking place in schools that have been completely destroyed. I saw children sitting on rocks and bricks—which used to make up the foundations and roofs of their schools—using them now as desks and chairs.

SCHOOL IN KENYA - UNICEF Photo by Nick Ysenburg

Getting children back to school is vital for their protection, and helps build a sense of normalcy in their lives. The re-establishment of schools in the most difficult circumstances is a testament to the commitment of UNICEF and to Kenyans. Many displaced parents told UNICEF that getting their children back to school was their top priority.

Read Clay's complete blog at Field Notes. Learn more about UNICEF's education programs at this link.

Below is a clickable of the opening graphic by Ambassador of Love:

We bloggers appreciate your visits. A special thank you to those who take the time to leave a note. You don't have to be a member of Blogspot to make a comment, and you can add your screen name at the bottom of an anonymous remark.

All the best, Clay Nation. Enjoy the memories of this week's rewinds!


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Celeb assortment

Molly Shannon & Selma Blair

Hayden Panettiere

Christian Slater

Debra Messing

Jeff Goldblum

Tori Spelling shows off her concave chest

Leo DiCpario's girlfriend Bar Refaeli

At the NBC/USA/Sci-Fi/Bravo/Oxygen Summer TCA Party in Beverly Hills
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Olympic Videos Feature OMWH

Clay Aiken performs five tracks from On My Way Here on AOL Sessions. -- Screen cap by ClayIzzaQT.

Aiken Fans Create Special Montages

OMWH Songs, Olympics a Match

To reach the top, faith must conquer fear.

With the Beijing Summer Olympics only 16 days away, talented montage makers seem to have "coming and going" down as they create outstanding videos with tracks from Clay Aiken's On My Way Here CD and then join other fans in the nightly 2007 Summer Tour replays occurring throughout Clay Cyberspace.

Photo of Tyson Gay, 2007 medalist, links to montage.

A Tribute to USA Olympians

An outstanding tribute to American athletes,
Olympic Dreams - On My Way Here, by SueRue captures many memorable moments from past games. Not surprisingly, the lead single of Clay's new CD is proving to be a perfect fit for Olympic footage.

In addition to the linking photo of sprinter Tyson Gay, many athletes are featured in still photos and video, among them Muhammed Ali lighting the torch in Atlanta in 1996; Kerri Strug completing a vault following an injury in 1996; Kerri Walsh and Misty May celebrating gold with the 2004 Women's Beach Volleyball Team.

Also Mary Decker's fateful collision with Zola Budd at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and Jesse Owens, winner of four Track and Field gold medals in 1936.

Pictured in clickables above are Walsh and May, Owens, and Decker. To download the montage, you can use this Sendspace.

Screen cap links to Olympics montage by Hosaa.

Memorable Moments Honor Olympians

Hosaa created Olympians - On Their Way, a montage of vintage clips in tribute to the athletes participating in the 2008 Summer Games. Featured music is Clay's single "On My Way Here."

For more information on the montage, see Hosaa's Blog on Blogspot.

Photo links to Shawn Johnson - Beijing Dream montage.

'Ashes' Featured in 'Beijing Dream'

Yollie950 showcased the single "Ashes" in her new Olympic montage about a gymnast who will compete in the 2008 games: Shawn Johnson - Beijing Dream.

To read more about the American gymnast, visit her website: Shawn Johnson.

In the 8-8-08 On My Way Here montage, Yollie950 wishes the USA Olympic teams well in Beijing.

Illuminated Stadium (The Bird's Nest) - Photo by Luo Xiaoguang

16 Days Until Beijing Olympics

The Olympics have long been front and center for China as final preparations for the 2008, games are almost completed. To absorb some of Beijing's enthusiasm and anticipation, take a tour of the excellent official website for the August 8-24, 2008, Beijing Olympics:
One World One Dream.

Among the many interesting and helpful links are the 2008
schedule, info on the various sports, and venues. Links for news, a photo gallery, and a video section will soon be hotbeds of activity.

You can watch videos of the
torch relay, appropriately named "Light the Passion, Share the Dream."

Official Dancing Beijing Emblem

With inspiration from the traditional Chinese art form - calligraphic art, the character "Jing" (the latter of the city's name) is developed into the form of a dancing human being, reflecting the ideal of a "New Olympics".

The words "Beijing 2008" also resembles the vivid shapes of Chinese characters in handwriting, voicing in concise strokes of the countless feelings Chinese people possess towards the Olympics.

"On My Way Here" has already been used as background music for South Korea's MBC-TV promo for the 2008 games. The video -- Olympics On My Way Here -- has been uploaded to YouTube by olympicsdream.

You can almost feel the excitement half a world away. Sixteen days and counting!

Opening this entry's tour replay are the above three photos taken by Toni7babe at the July 21, 2007, concert in Columbus, OH.

Ohio Men Rave About Clay's Show

A whopping crowd of 12-14,000 men, women, and children of all ages picnicking on the sprawling lawn or around one of 300 tables sold at a Chemical Abstract Service event that surpassed previous attendance records could easily have been the headline from Clay Aiken's concert in Columbus, OH, Saturday night.

To CA fans, however, the lead story had to be the number of "Clayversions" among men from multiple generations that occurred during the course of the evening.

Many Clayversions were reported by Clay fans in recaps of the July 21, 2007 concert. Scroll down and read about them in the 7/23/07 Carolina entry: New Fans Join Clay Train in Ohio, Michigan.

Two male bloggers, obviously dragged to the concert by their Clay fan wives, left with a different perspective. Their blogs are linked in the 2007 blog. I especially love Dannylion's write-up of the bus line on MySpace:
The Coolest Concert I Have Ever Been To.

In addition to the music and the banter, Dannylion was very impressed with the fact that after the concert, Clay walked the enormous bus line shaking hands with his fans. The entry concludes with this statement: That was the coolest thing that ever happened at any concert I have been to!

Claystruck's clickable calendar is an excellent way to keep up with which concerts are being celebrated when.

New York Entrances Surprise Fans

In the 2007 concerts on July 20 (Chautauqua) and July 19 (Canandaigua), Clay once again proved he knows how to make an entrance.

The lead paragraphs of this journal's July 20, 2007, report --
New York Openers Feature Twists -- explain. Again, you will need to scroll to the date.

Clay Aiken proved this weekend he really, really knows how to make an entrance. In the second and third performances of the Summer Tour's "New York Three-fer," he surprised Canandaigua and Chautauqua audiences filled with fans who know his concert set list as well as he does and -- at times -- the lyrics even better.

On both evenings, the entertainer's normal casual stroll onto the stage while singing "Here You Come Again" took decidedly ingenious twists. Friday Chautauqua concert goers watched Clay circle a high walkway behind the stage and eventually make his way down an aisle to center stage, all the while singing the opening number with the orchestra.

During the Canandaigua entrance the night before, the singer encountered a few unexpected turns himself but surprised everyone by entering through the crowd.

Below are clickables from the two New York concerts. Chautauqua photos are by WNYClayFan1, 1 and 3, and ClayFaninMN1, 2.

The Canadaigua rewind features photos by KarenEh, 1 and 3, and FiveGoldens, 2.

The next rerun will be Sterling Heights, MI, on July 23, when the audience was treated to the exquisite impromptu "Listen" duet by Clay and Quiana.

To stream OMWH songs, link to AOL Music. The five OMWH Sessions videos can be viewed at this link. More montages created to OMWH tracks are listed in the July 14 blog entry: Aiken Fans 'Use Their Voice'.

Below is a clickable of ClayIzzaQT's Sessions screencap:

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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