Ryan Gosling fights for the birds

Ryan Gosling is the latest celeb calling out KFC. He says KFC Canada still hasn't solved the problem of suppliers abusing birds prior to slaughter. "The time is ripe to do the right thing," he wrote to the head honcho at KFC Canada. "By adopting the basic recommendations made by PETA and scientific experts (including raising birds in a more natural manner and employing less cruel slaughter methods), you could dramatically improve the lives and deaths of chickens raised and killed for KFC Canada....." Read it at The PETA Files

Don't forget to look at the near naked lettuce ladies!/ PR Photos
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Hey slick!

Alicia Keys visits The Late Show...Happy, happy fans

PR Photos
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Wasted Paula Abdul...not funny anymore

If you didn't see American Idol last night, you missed Paula tripping out....again. It's just plain awkward. Why do they pay this incoherent woman to judge? She can barely complete a sentence. I love the way there is always an excuse. The sound equipment wasn't working. She's exhausted. They changed the format.

She reminds me of poor Anna Nicole. Is Simon just waiting for her to fall face down in the middle of the show? Force her to take time off and get sober, so she can do her job. Damn.
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Another one bites the bust

CSI's Gary Dourdan was arrested in Palm Springs yesterday on suspicion of possessing heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and prescription drugs. Damnation. That's quite the variety pack. Police told TMZ "the actor was asleep in his car at 5:21 AM when they approached the vehicle and made the bust."

Exclusive story developing at TMZ
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Lenny's little girl

Zoe Kravitz at the 3rd Annual Chanel Dinner Party Honoring the Tribeca Film Festival Artist Program

PR Photos
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OMWH Debut Induces 'Aiken Fog'

ON MY WAY HERE - Four Eric Ogden photos from the CD shoot are featured in Amazing_CA's handsome graphic.

Fans Applaud OMWH Songs

Aiken Debuts New CD at QVC

"People smile when they walk by; there's too much magic to deny."

The "Something About Us" lyric from Clay Aiken's new On My Way Here CD capsulizes the sentiments of the singer's devoted fans. Following the QVC debut of five OMWH songs Monday night, the phenomenon known as "the Aiken Fog" has once again overtaken the Clay Nation in epidemic proportions.

Fortunately, there is a "recovery day" in Clay's CD promo rounds between Q Sessions Live and his next TV appearance, the Tyra Banks Show on Wednesday.

After a very harried drive home from a music academy in a neighboring city -- three yellow lights, some formidable quick lane changes, and slightly accelerated speed limits -- I may be ready for racing status. Like many fans, I made the mad dash to my TV set with a couple of minutes to spare.

Pre-show chatter by the QVC crew revealed they were as excited to have Clay performing on Q Sessions Live as his fans. This is a Sendspace download of host Jacque Gonzales with the Coming Up segment.

Q Live Sessions Screencaps

CA Fans Pack QVC Studio

Queensmum of Clayversity, one of the 130 CA fans packing the small studio audience at QVC's broadcast center in West Chester, PA, posted her thoughts in a brief recap at Clayversity:

"On My Way Here" sets the theme for the CD perfectly, and the bridge was great to hear live. "Everything I Don't Need" was one of my least favorites from the snippets. Not anymore -- this is a hawt song. Growls ... yeah!

"Something About Us" showcases Clay's jazzy voice, and it's definitely a wedding song. I really liked it. Very smooth. "Where I Draw the Line" - Hawt but sad lyrics. "The Real Me" is stunningly beautiful. We got to hear the whole song.

The sound system was definitely not built for acoustics, but Clay sounded really good (a few little bobbles but, heck, he was singing live!) and looked great. A little tired and perhaps a little bit tense in the beginning; but once he realized how into it the whole group was, he relaxed.

These songs are grown up songs, not fluff. They also show off Clay's range and ability to sing so many different genres without a ton of glory notes.

There were two boom cameras and a couple of still cameras PLUS a guy walking around with a camera going practically up Clay's nose. It was a tight fit on the stage, and I think that's why he stayed put as much as he did. I was so surprised to see how much was going on around him; it would have driven me bonkers with everything whirring and turning. But Clay knew right where the camera is at all times.

Jacque, the hostess, was a doll and very sweet. I honestly think she loved the songs, not just shilling it. She said it off camera a few times, and she got way too many hugs.

Clickable by Amazing_CA

Video of Monday's show can be seen at QVC. Video and audio downloads are available at Clack Unlimited. Thanks to ChaChaTrusty, they can also be viewed on YouTube. To play all the songs, click on the More from chacha3078 link.

Once a product number for OMWH was listed on the QVC website around midnight Sunday, the shopping channel was immediately swamped with pre-orders for the CD and special five-tract CD/DVD bonus, which includes "When I Need You," "Invisible," "Measure of a Man," "I Will Carry You," and "This is the Night."

Though shipment is now at the delayed status, orders for the QVC combo can still be placed

Jasr9203, also in QVC's Live Session audience, provided further insight into the evening:

The woman in charge of crowd warm-up said at the end that "The Real Me" gave her goose bumps. The hostess chatted with us before they went on the air and told us how much she loves the CD and how certain songs really brought her to tears. A man who attended the employee meeting with Clay the afternoon kept telling us what a nice guy he is.

PHOTO INTERLUDE: OMWH photos by have been enhanced in these clickable graphics created by CA fans. They include Claystruck, 1; MNmeesh, 2; Tamm's Exclusives (from a Yahoo PSP forum), 3; Amazing_CA, 4; and Ambassador of Love, 5.

New LALATE Show Plans CA Premiere

LALATE NEWS Monday announced plans to launch a five-minute celebrity news television feature with Clay as the focus of the series pilot.

According to LALATE's release, "the series will take a current newsworthy celebrity, like a musician who has a new album coming out or an actor who has a new TV series premiering, and do a retrospective biopic look at the celebrity’s career through the eyes of a fan and how they are redefining themselves today.

Clay Aiken Does It His 'Way'

Reuters picked up Chuck Taylor's excellent Billboard interview -- Clay Aiken doing it his 'Way' with new album -- and the story was posted in countless media markets Sunday. Here is a snip, and the article can be read in its entirety at the Reuters link:
NEW YORK (Billboard) - During its six previous seasons, TV juggernaut "American Idol" has launched countless music careers -- but the caveat is maintaining staying power.

Season-two runner-up continues to beat the odds. He is gearing up for the May 6 release of "On My Way Here" (RCA), his first album of original material since his 2003 double-platinum debut, "Measure of a Man."

In May, he'll wrap a five-month Broadway stint in the Tony Award-lauded musical comedy "Spamalot."

On the new album, Aiken worked with Grammy Award-winning British producer Kipper (Sting, Chris Botti). The singer talks about the road ahead and his journey to this point.

OMWH Graphic by ACA

Famous Shirt Tug an Accident

Clay talks about the music of OMWH -- and a whole lot more -- in an interview with Emma Loggins at
Fanbolt. One of the many interesting gems appears near the end:

Your fans miss the "Tug."! So I have to ask since we all love it so much, do you intend to use it again?

Oh Lord, no. That has its mark. If I sing that song again, I'll do it again if I'm in the mood. That was actually an accident that happened, it... it became a phenomenon! So when I do it, I do it for the fans and not naturally. We kind of joke around backstage sometimes when I'm about to sing "Invisible", and I'm like, "Oh crap where am I supposed to do that?" I can never remember where it's supposed to be [laughs], so we do it on purpose now. I think that has its place.

Austen360 at Idol Chatter

At Idol Chatter, you can read the new Austen360 interview -- From Clay Aiken's Mouth to Your Ears -- as well as listen to the 10-minute audio on the website.

CD countdown clocks on websites throughout Clay Cyberspace continue their steady march toward May 6. OMWH will be here in under six days!


April 30 Tyra Banks Show (syndicated). Download Clay's Tyra segment, or watch it on YouTube.
May 6 Virgin Megastore (CD signing)
May 6 Satellite 30 Tour (media interviews)
May 7 Good Morning America (ABC)
May 8 The View (ABC)
TBD New York's CW 11 - Morning News
May 9 The Today Show (NBC, 10-11 a.m. EDT)
May 9 Nightline New York (ABC, 8 p.m. EDT)
May 12 Tonight Show with Jay Leno
May 13 AOL Sessions Live (taping)
May 16 The Rachael Ray Show (ABC)
May 16 Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)
May 20 Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS)

Memorable Moments To Ponder

This past Sunday I accompanied my brother-in-law's choir on oboe and flute. The minister's sermon was a very interesting recap of the trip he and several church members made to the Holy Land, fittingly followed by a very inspiring rendition of the anthem, "The Holy City."

As BIL and I embraced following the service, he stated he thought the music had gone well. He was astounded when I told him there had been a standing ovation after the last anthem. His back had been to the congregation as he prepared for the final hymn, so my BIL had no idea of the extra recognition.

Life is not made up of the number of breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away.

This provocative thought from the sermon has popped up many times in the days since ... when I think about the special little grandson I will meet in a few weeks, the singer so many of us admire, the students whose lives I touch, the music we share.

Does Clay do Disney?

I'm relatively certain grandson Kai skipped the QVC excitement, but a Disney theme would have caught his attention immediately. Special thnx to "Auntie ACA" for the above graphic.

Below is a clickable of ACA's opening graphic:

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!


P.S. Here are a couple of audio Sendspace downloads: the newly-released Walmart OMWH Snippets (with bonus) and Tuesday's Broadway Cares performance of The Prayer by Clay and Hannah Waddingham.

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Marc Anthony, "There's no reality show bullshit!"

Watch it here

J Lo and Marc Anthony address their new REALITY SHOW.... Wow. I didn't realize they were so....elegante. TLC must be thrilled.

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Moving on down....

Lindsay Lohan at the Launch of the Scarlet HD TV Series...What other celebs were there? Kristin Cavallari, Bai Ling and Tila Tequila. Ahhh. Life on the D List.

PR Photos
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Monday Gab

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Mariah is engaged

Mariah Carey at the Tribeca Film Festival. Take off that damn band-aid. Where does she keep Nick locked up?

PR Photos
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Halle Berry at the Silver Rose Gala and Auction in Beverly Hills

PR Photos
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"Scientology is scary"

This week's Us Magazine reports actor Jason Beghe told the Village Voice that he was "brainwashed by the Church of Scientology" and he spent roughly $1 million during his 12 year journey with the group. He says he reached a level higher than John Travolta, and he is so over it.

Beghe alleges Scientology people secretly record "auditing" sessions- then later gossip about it. Gasp!! Auditing is when members are pushed to confess personal secrets, a form of "spiritual" counseling.

Beghe says, "Will Smith is supposedly dabbling in Scientology. Let Will know that his shit was fuc-ing recorded." Beghe decided to leave the church after surviving a near fatal car accident. He says church officials suggested he was in the accident because he had a gay friend. Beghe posted a clip on YouTube earlier this month criticizing Scientology- and it was removed five days later.

Us/ PR Photos
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Madge & Rose hit the carpet


Rosie O'Donnell

"I Am Because We Are" premiere at the 7th Annual Tribeca Film Festival
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Electra is engaged

Carmen Electra is ready to tie the knot with her guy, Rob Patterson. According to People, Patterson proposed over the weekend in Las Vegas while they were celebrating Carmen's birthday. "The ring is a black diamond set in white diamonds," says a source. Third time's a charm....

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The Iron Man in Rome

Robert Downey Jr. & Gwyneth Paltrow

Sexy Terrence Howard

Iron Man Rome Photocall...Is it the lighting? They all look so good. If you squint and tilt your head, the top photo almost looks like Gwyn is with her hubby Chris.

PR Photos
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Aiken OMWH Promos Everywhere

ON MY WAY HERE - Amazing_CA includes two photos by Eric Ogden in this handsome graphic.

Here, There, and Everywhere

CD Promos Fill Clay's Calendar

No doubt about it, Clay Aiken will be "here, there, and everywhere" over the next few weeks.

Promotion for his new CD, On My Way Here, not only permeates countless crooks and crannies of the Internet, but it has soared into other media markets.

A couple of interviews not to be missed are Thursday's Billy Bush Show on radio. You can listen on the Westwood One site or with this Sendspace download.

Also, be sure to read Mary Colurso's column for Friday's Birmingham News:
Feet of Clay? Not for Aiken, who's proved to be a malleable singer, Broadway actor.

CA fans are hanging onto their hats as their favorite singer begins a busy round of promotional appearances on TV. Meanwhile, he will continue to portray Sir Robin in Broadway's "Spamalot" through May 4.

Season 2's runner-up and Tamyra Gray, finalist from Season 1, were featured in a musical theater segment on American Idol 7 Wednesday night. With Andrew Lloyd Webber in the house, no less!

Clickable cap by Gerwhisp

Not only were their Broadway shows -- Spamalot and Rent -- highlighted, but Clay also talked about the May 6 drop of his new CD, OMWH. You can view the Broadway segment on YouTube and with this Sendspace download.

Wednesdays would probably win "hands down" as the favorite day of the Clay Nation as one new headline, stream, appearance, or photo after another has been the norm for the past two weeks. "It's raining Clay" has been the byword both Wednesdays.

A highlight this week were the new OMWH promo photos appearing on the singer's MySpace page. The clickables above advertise the CD at K-Mart, iTunes, and WalMart, respectively. K-Mart's CD will include a poster of the upper left picture as long as supplies last.

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Just to be fair, Thursdays are pretty cool, too. We now have snippets at Amazon. Here is a Sendspace download.

Mark Those Calendars!

DVR's are being set as we speak. Many fans have already secured tickets to the appearances listed below. Here goes:

04-28-08 QVC, 7 p.m.

Clay Aiken has been capturing the hearts of music fans everywhere since he shot to pop superstardom nearly five years ago. Since then, Aiken has sold more than six million CDs, authored a best-selling biography, performed on Broadway and has left fans "Aiken" for more. The multi-platinum artist will once again be exciting fans when he makes his QVC debut on Monday, April 28 at 7 PM (ET).

Aiken is scheduled to perform songs from his much-anticipated new album On My Way Here, giving viewers exclusive insight into the inspiration behind the album. QVC shoppers will also have the opportunity to order On My Way Here, with a bonus CD/DVD created especially for QVC, eight days before its scheduled release.

Clay and Tyra - People Magazine

04-30-08 Tyra Banks Show (syndicated)

Clay stops by The Tyra Banks Show Monday to help Tyra celebrate her 500th episode at the show's New York studios. His segment involves surprising a fan who has never met him with tickets to "Spamalot" and a meeting with Clay.

05-02-08 Entertainment Tonight

ET's in the studio as Clay lays down tracks for his latest album.

05-07-08 Good Morning America (ABC)

05-08-08 The View (ABC)

05-12-08 The Tonight Show (NBC)

05-16-08 Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)

05-19-08 Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS)

Rachael Ray

Big events and contests are only part of "Rachael Ray's" biggest May Sweep ever. The show is also welcoming V.I.P. celebrity guests; including, Barack and Michelle Obama, Regis Philbin, Maria Shriver, Patrick Dempsey, Valerie Bertinelli, Clay Aiken, Mario Batali, Ty Pennington, Michael Buble, Gordon Ramsay, "Ugly Betty's" Eric Mabius, Mary J. Blige, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Carrie Ann Inaba, the Jonas Brothers' mother and chef Ming Tsai.

And that's just what we know now. Hang on - the Clay Train is in for an awesome ride!

PHOTO INTERLUDE: OMWH is the central theme of this clickable interlude, both with CD photos and screen caps from an album webisode. Included are graphics by Amazing_CA, 1, 2, 3; ClaytonAikenFan86, 4; and Claystruck, 5.

OMWH Covers the World

Three weeks ago SmartyPantsSuz began creating personalized CD covers for the hometowns of Clayversity members. When I posted about the new countries hitting/reading Carolina On My Mind, she offered to complete the international collection with our current 60.

This project is barely out of the starting gate. Ron Kanipe, the blog's geography advisor, keeps an eye on the red dots/countries on the
Carolina On My Mind ClustrMap. Accordingly, Suz has created many additional OMWH covers for Carolina/OFC readers and is working through the current list of 60 countries.

The large cover photos (450 x 450 pixels) are being posted at Carolina Special, this blog's extension site, with countries arranged by continent: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

If you would like a cover from your area or city, just give us the information in a comment at the Carolina or OFC blog. Membership is not a requirement for leaving comments on Blogspot, but be specific about your location. The ClustrMap only identifies your computer's location with a small red dot.

These are clickable examples of Melbourne, Australia; Singapore; London, England; and Thunder Bay, Canada:

After you request your city, state, or province, a cover will be added to the appropriate continent entry at the Carolina Special site as soon as possible. Those who live in smaller, more remote locales may want to submit a link to a background photo. Our lucky graphic artist is headed to New York City for a weekend of "Spamalot," so be patient.

Many thnx to Ron and Suz for their assistance. I know we two gals have learned global lessons from the project. Even the "geography prof" has had to research more detailed maps to identify some countries.

No doubt Clay would be proud of the geography lessons he has inspired. Soon he will indeed be "here, there, and everywhere"!

Taking a Break

Although grandson Kai seems to be taking a break from packing his bags for his upcoming NC visit, his grandmother has a full calendar of rehearsals, gigs, student spring recital, and spring cleaning before the arrival.

In fact, the first of two Brandenburg-fiddle tune medley rehearsals took place Thursday afternoon. The teacher is glad we have three more weeks to practice!

Below is a clickable of Amazing_CA's opening graphic:

Have a great weekend, Clay Nation!


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