Todos os anos milhares de pessoas buscam o tão sonhado emprego público, bom salário e estabilidade são os atrativos da carreira pública, um dos concursos que mais chamam atenção no Brasil é o Concurso dos Correios, em 2011 não será diferente, claro que ainda não temos nada definido mas no site você pode ficar atento a milhares de oportunidades em todo o Brasil, são muitas vagas disponíveis em todo o país, fique sempre atento as novidades e assim que publicado o edital e abrirem as inscrições do Concurso Correios 2011 você será o primeiro a saber, em 2010 ainda não tivemos nenhum grande concurso, o último foi em 2009 e o salário para carteiro era de R$ 1.456 e era exigido o segundo grau completo, para quem tem nível superior também existem muitas vagas, no último concurso a remuneração chegava a R$ 3.500,00.

Vale salientar que além do salário todos os funcionários dos Correios recebem vários benefícios e além claro de uma bonificação que pode chegar a 30% do salário, por isso fiquem atentos que em breve estaremos atualizando essa página com os links mais recentes do Concurso dos Correios 2011.

Veja Também:

Receba os Concursos 2010 e 2011 em seu e-mail Gratuitamente: Concursos 2011 | Gabaritos | Inscrições | Edital

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Imagens Divertidas de Segunda | Vol 47

Fotos de Segunda- Volume 47

Todas as Segundas 10 fotos Curiosas e Engraçadas para animar o dia "Mais Divertido" da Semana!!

Motivos para ser Vegetariano: "Verduras e Legumes são uma Delícia...."

História de Pescador...

Nunca Confie no seu Cachorro

Maneira Criativa de Terminar o Namoro

Confusão com a Língua Portuguesa

Aniversário de São Paulino:

Cuidado onde faz suas necessidades:

Quando suas amigas reclamarem de dor de cabeça ofereça esse remédio....

Força Garoto

Verdadeira Mulher Melancia


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Caiu na Internet um Print Screen de uma Conversa de MSN entre o Cantor Luan Santana e um rapaz desconhecido, não sabemos se a imagem é verdadeira ou se foi alterada, mas se for realmente o cantor não restaria dúvidas em afirmar que Luan Santana é Gay, veja a conversa abaixo e depois assista ao vídeo revelador:

Vídeo em que Luan Santana Assume ser GAY (Homossexual) durante Show!!
(Aumente o volume pois o áudio está meio ruim)

Leia Também:

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America Honors Military Heroes

Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC.

Clay Aiken Sings 'God Bless the U.S.A.'

Remembering John M. Steele

'Longest Day' Is Vivid Memory

The longest day has been immortalized in books and on the movie screen. The biggest day in World War II also lives wherever John M. Steele is.

June 6, 1944, D-Day for the Allied invasion of Normandy, is portrayed in the parade of autographed pictures, newspaper/magazine articles, medals and documents that line the walls of a special room in the Wilmingtonian's home.

That was the headline and lead for a feature I wrote for the Wilmington Morning Star in 1963 about one of 13,000 paratroopers dropped into France during the D-Day invasion. Like many, Private Steele missed the drop zone and was carried over the town of Sainte-Mere-Eglise where his chute caught on a church steeple when he tried to steer away from a burning building.

At the Washington premiere of the 1962 movie The Longest Day, John met Red Buttons who portrayed him in the film. "Thanks a lot, John," the actor quipped. You got me four days of work with 20th Century!"

"He's a nice guy and a real character!" the original steeple climber said with a grin.

Pvt. Steele (third from right) and team prior to D-Day invasion.

In the first hour of the invasion, Steele hit the church roof and slid down, his chute wrapping around the spire. When he tried to free himself, pain shot through his leg and his combat knife clattered to the street below.

With the battle raging all around him, the trooper wisely decided to play dead and dangled on the spire for 2 1/2 hours. Later, a group of German soldiers, intent on stripping the "body" of cigarettes and other rations, discovered he was still alive and took him prisoner.

Three days later during an American tank attack, he and another wounded soldier leaped through a window and escaped to friendly lines. Following two weeks in an English hospital, Pvt. Steele returned to the war and was among those who broke through to Bastogne where the 101st was surrounded in the Battle of the Bulge.

For these actions and his wounds, the soldier was awarded the Bronze Star for Valor and the Purple Heart.

I especially remember John Steele and The Longest Day on Memorial Day. When I interviewed him the summer before my junior year in college, he had cancer and was planning to enter a veterans administration hospital for cobalt treatments.

John Steele monument in Ste. Mere Eglise, France.

According to his bio at Wikepedia, he died on May 16, 1969, in Fayetteville, just two weeks short of the 25th anniversary of D-Day.

An honorary citizen of the first village liberated by the Americans in June 1946, John (I'm pretty sure I called him "Mr. Steele" in '63) visited Ste. Mere-Eglise several times before his death. His story is commemorated in the Airborne Forces Museum in the center of town.

National Symphony Orchestra in concert. (Capitol Concerts photo)

Events Salute Those Who Served

At graveside ceremonies, parades, concerts, and other festivities in Washington, DC, and throughout the nation, America this weekend pays tribute to those who have served and sacrificed for their country.

Featuring the National Symphony, a mix of dramatic readings, documentary footage, and live musical performances, the National Memorial Day Concert is slated for 8 p.m. ET Sunday on the west lawn of the US Capitol.

The concert, which will be broadcast on PBS stations live and in an immediate rerun, will also be seen overseas by US military personnel in more than 175 countries and aboard more than 200 US Navy ships at sea on the American Forces Radio and Television Network.

The National Memorial Day Parade, an annual tradition of remembrance with patriotic marches and floats in Washington, DC, is slated for 2 p.m. Monday. The 2010 event, which will include a special tribute to the US Marine Corps, will be televised live to US service members around the world.

On Monday, Vice-President Joe Biden will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

At 3 p.m. local time, according to the 2000 National Moment of Remembrance Act passed to emphasize the meaning of Memorial Day, all Americans should "voluntarily and informally observe in their own way a moment of remembrance and respect.'"

Clay Aiken performs "God Bless the USA" at 2004 concert.
Graphic by Ashes links to the video on YouTube.

On Memorial Day, we honor the John M. Steeles of our lives. Have a very special Memorial Day Weekend!


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My Fairytale, Danish Musical About Hans Andersen

From My Fairytale, Danish Musical About Hans Andersen, With Songs by Schwartz, Will Get U.S. Premiere in CA by Kenneth Jones:

PCPA Theaterfest on the central California coast, will present the American premiere of My Fairytale, a musical about Hans Christian Andersen — featuring music and lyrics by Broadway's Stephen Schwartz — in 2011.

The exclusive engagement will preview in the Marian Theatre in Santa Maria, CA, Aug. 12-19, 2011, and will then open under the stars in the Solvang Festival Theater in Solvang, CA, Aug. 26-Sept. 25, 2011. The run will coincide with the centennial celebration of Solvang as a Danish-American community.

And from the same article, a synopsis of the play:

"From the darkened stage of the Royal National Theater in 1846, Hans Christian Andersen is launched on an epic adventure through the timeless landscape of his own imagination. What he discovers there not only changes his life, but the world. His life's fairytale, illuminated by beauty and longing, was the genesis for some of the world's most beloved stories."
You can also read more about the muscial at Stephen Schwartz's website.  The musical premiered in Copenhagen in 2005 for Andersen's bicentennial celebration. 

And Solvang is an obvious choice for the show considering it's homage to Danish culture, including a small HCA museum which I have discussed before.

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The Strange Case of the Composer and His Judge by Patricia Duncker

The Strange Case of the Composer and His Judge: A Novel

The Strange Case of the Composer and His Judge: A Novel by Patricia Duncker is released stateside in July but is already released in the UK--here's the link--where I found a review by Eilis O'Hannon explaining that:

References to Orpheus and Eurydice, Bluebeard's Castle, and many other myths, fairy tales and Bible stories, litter the book; images of entrapment trip over one another in giddy succession. Even the title of the book, while ultimately loaded with different layers of significance, sounds half-fabulous.

Well then, that means the book merits mention here on the SurLaLune blog. Although the regular description wouldn't have ever made it into my search results.

Book description from publisher:

The bodies are discovered on New Year's Day, sixteen dead in the freshly fallen snow. The adults lie stiff in a semicircle; the children, in pajamas and overcoats, are curled at their feet.

When he hears the news, Commissaire André Schweigen knows who to call: Dominique Carpentier, the Judge, also known as the "sect hunter." Carpentier sweeps into the investigation in thick glasses and red gloves, and together the Commissaire and the Judge begin searching for clues in a nearby chalet. Among the decorations and unwrapped presents of a seemingly ordinary holiday, they find a leather-bound book, filled with mysterious code, containing maps of the stars. The book of the Faith leads them to the Composer, Friedrich Grosz, who is connected in some way to every one of the dead. Following his trail, Carpentier, Schweigen, and the Judge's assistant, Gaëlle, are drawn into a world of complex family ties, seductive music, and ancient cosmic beliefs.

Hurtling breathlessly through the vineyards of Southern France to the gabled houses of Lübeck, Germany, through cathedrals, opera houses, museums, and the cobbled streets of an Alpine village, this ferocious new novel is a metaphysical mystery of astonishing verve and power.

I have to admit despite fairly warm reviews, mass suicides, cults and conspiracy theories are not in my usual reading interests. I'll probably give this one a pass myself, but I wanted those of you who would find this interesting to know about it...  It does sound intriguing...
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FOTOS- JULIA GNUSE | Mulher mais Tatuada do Mundo

A Americana Julia Gnuse de 55 anos acaba de entrar no Guiness Book (Livro dos Recordes) como a mulher mais tatuada do mundo, Julia possui 95% de seu corpo tatuado, tudo começou quando ela foi diagnosticada com uma doença chamada Porfiria, uma doença genética que causa bolhas e cicatrizes em toda a pele.

Julia sentia vergonha das marcas em seu corpo e procurou um modo de esconde-las, após fazer a primeira e ver sucesso em sua busca a moça disse que fazer tatuagem se tornou um vício, agora fica a pergunta, onde estão os 5% que faltam????

Fotos de Julia Gnuse- Mulher mais Tatuada do Mundo

Mulher mais Tatuada do Mundo


Tatuagem Feminina

Julia Gnuse

Fotos de Julia Gnuse- Mulher mais Tatuada do Mundo

Fotos Tattoo

Fotos de Julia Gnuse- Mulher mais Tatuada do Mundo

Veja Também:

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TN Renaissance Faire and Uncommon Adornments

So last Saturday, after a very stressful month, John and I went to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival.  It was my third time in the past six years and it has only gotten better over time.  I consider it one of the best in the country out of pride of having a castle on the grounds and knowing that it really is spectacular.  Doesn't hurt that most of it is in the trees, keeping me out of direct sunlight most of the time.  I thought this was the best year yet although it might have helped that we also had some enthusiastic friends along to enjoy it with us. 

My shopping heart was also satisfied to discover the Uncommon Adornments booth.  I have bought from them several times over the years after receiving my first pendant by them--Celtic Creature--as a gift from a friend in California who found them at the Ren Faire there. 

I'm always very reluctant to buy much faerie related stuff since it is more readily available and I don't want a deluge of gifts from loved ones buying faerie for me--because, hey! it's faerie--cluttering my life to be too honest.  I am very picky and can count my faerie items on one hand--not including books of course.  I have a Puck who watches me cook from atop the cabinets in my kitchen with a Faerie Crossing garden stone hanging on the wall.  I have a stained glass faerie hanging in my office window made by a local artisan.  I also have a little silver faerie I found at Portobello Rd Market who sits on my computer monitor and a pendant I found in Segovia, Spain.  Yes, exotic locations make the items more special especially since I am picky about souvenirs these days, too.  The same restrictions go for dragons, too. 

This year I noticed the faerie at the Uncommon Adornments booth and had to have her.  I have the one pictured at the top of this blog entry but with a peridot stone instead.  I don't know exactly why she appealed to me so much right away--perhaps because her stance reminds me of my beloved Winged Victory.*   To be blunt, it also helps that she is modest.  I live in the South and I work with kids.  It's just easier to avoid the lesser dressed faeries as a whole.

Needless to say, I also enjoyed some dragons, especially the sleeping one above.  I walked away with a few new items but with a wishlist, too.  I am now the owner of the dragon above wrapped around a mother of pearl.  Yes, you can often choose from several different stones when there is a stone in the design.

Anyway, you can order from Uncommon Adornments online if they aren't appearing at a Ren Faire near you.  For once, the pictures don't do the jewelry justice overall.  These are blown up and show every flaw which isn't visible when you see them in person.  The designs are unique and appeal to me.  The Tree of Life just above reminds me of the Arthur Rackham illustration for The Old Woman in the Wood I have used for the blog's banner this year.  Completely different stories, since the Greenman is the character in the pendant, but I am partially a dryad at heart and love my trees.

This is the last weekend for the faire here in TN.  I do highly recommend it although I'm late for this year.  I enjoyed walking around, seeing the costumes and all sorts of people walking around enjoying the food, shows, games and shops.  John managed a bullseye in archery and ax throwing.  This time I considered how fairs and festivals are traditions that are centuries old in cultures around the world.  I also love seeing the children looking and wondering and learning.  Yes, much of it is anachronistic (Ye Olde Sheldon and Big Bang Theory references come to mind) but it is fun and brings past times closer to our minds today.  Never a bad thing.

Finally, although I've been picturing pendants and didn't take pictures of the faire itself or any of the costumes--I'm horrible at picture taking, preferring to experience without the distraction--I must share a picture of Castle Gwynn by Lynn Roebuck.  Yep, our Ren Faire has a castle!  Click on the image to see a bigger version.

Finally, I am not associated with Uncommon Adornments, but am simply a consumer past, present and future as well as a fan.  The women working the booths are always wonderful and the jewelry is high quality in a great price range.  They also offer information sheets about the different symbols and meanings of the pendants when you approach the booth, but not in a pushy way.  I was actually happy at just how unpushy everyone was at the Faire.  We spent a lot of time looking at swords and the artisans and apprentices were enthusiastic in educating us because they loved their work.  I am rather shocked John didn't leave with a sword, but value his self-restraint.

* There are some popular things of which I am an unabashed fan despite their almost cliche status. Winged Victory and the Unicorn Tapestries are on the short list. I originally approached both not expecting to be emotionally engaged, but I am every time I see them.

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Jack the Giant Killer Postponed

From Slashfilm at Aaron Johnson and Andrew Garfield Meet For Jack the Giant Killer, Production Pushed Back to 2011:

While no one has been officially cast as the young farmer Jack in Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Killer, a few actors have been name-checked as having meetings for the role, including Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus/Social Network star Andrew Garfield.

The film, which was originally scheduled to begin shooting this Summer in England, has now been been pushed back to February 2011, in an effort to give Singer more time to better figure out the visual effects. According to HeatVision, Singer will use a process that will supposedly allow him to see the giants in-camera as the actors play opposite them.

I'm just impressed the movie is still moving forward. I'm rather fascinated a more obscure tale--relatively speaking--is getting big Hollywood treatment. And it sounds like interesting technology they are trying to incorporate. Although I admit, I rather hope it isn't 3D. It just gives me a headache.
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Russian Ice Stars: Snow White on Ice

Snow White on Ice and it's not even Disney.  I've had this one keep popping up in my browser all week, debating whether to post it and every time I see it, I wish I could SEE it.  I mean it's Snow White on Ice and it's NOT Disney on Ice.  Read this description from The Evening Times in Scotland:

Romance, treachery and skating skills were the order of the day at the Theatre Royal as The Russian Ice Stars kicked off their five-day Glasgow stint of Snow White on Ice.

The show runs for the next four nights at the Hope Street theatre, which has been transformed to accommodate industrial pool liners and some four tons of ice.

Irina Tkachuk and Valdis Mintals play the starring roles of Snow White and her prince in this take on the classic fairy tale, The show, which combines ballet, gymnastics, aerial aerobatics and ice-skating is billed as a real family event for adults and children alike.

How much fun would that be? And we all know that I am not even a big Snow White fan although I have been becoming more so over the past year with all of my reading and research of the tale.  And really, it's ballet, gymnastics, aerial aerobatics and ice-skating, a smorgasbord of stuff to love.  Performed by Russians.  And not as strange as Cirque du Soleil at its best, I imagine.

Alas, it is in Glasgow right now and probably elsewhere in the UK, not anywhere near me.  And then I had to go hunting for an official website since this is Russian and obviously touring. is fun with even video bits which just tortured me more.  Don't miss the images either, which I couldn't capture with my software in the state it is right now.  I am still in that annoying state of figuring out new computer settings and capabilities and inabilities, but they are much better than the news photo I provided above.

The site also lists several tour dates around the UK.  Look it up and have fun if you see it.  I wish I could tag along... 
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New Clay Aiken Website Rolls Out

Latest promo for Clay Aiken: Tried & True
CD available everywhere on June 1!
View at

Tried & True Coming June 1

Fan Club Site Opens Without Me!

Wouldn't you know the new Clay Aiken Fan Club site rolled out Thursday just as I completed spring music lessons ... and I have yet to gain admittance to what sounds like a wonderful showcase for the singer and meeting place for him and his fans!

Everywhere I read -- Twitter, Facebook, and 3-4 message boards -- almost all CA fans are having a blast settling into the new digs, befriending each other, listening to a trio of Tried & True tracks, including "Unchained Melody," the song I will play first when I purchase the CD on June 1!

I understand the three full tracks originally playing on the new site have reverted back to snippets. While I'm happy for Clay friends, it has been painful reading all the adjectives, exclamation points, and "squeees" describing songs I couldn't hear.

Even as I deleted Temporary Internet files/browsing history and tried every trick imaginable to log in with either IE or Mozilla, my email box was receiving requests for assistance getting into the site, posting a new avatar, and whatnot.

Clickable cap of new Clay Aiken website. (Thnx to SueReu!)

Ground(ctrl) Hosts

Hosting is an impressive group over at ground(ctrl. Clay's new web masters have been nothing but courteous, personable, and very helpful to anxious fans with access problems. For some, all it takes is a phone call or an email and they are in. Below are US/international/web support contact info (M-F, 9 am - 5 pm. PT):

U.S. Support 1 (877) 463-2975
International Support 1 (916) 443-9205

For those of us still riding the caboose, the new Clay Aiken fan club home will happen in due time. According to a tweet from Team Clay on Thursday, "the new site needs to propagate throughout the Net." This can take between 24 and 72 hours.

Definitely the WORD OF THE DAY for CA fans, propagate means "to cause to spread out and affect a greater number or greater area." For a better understanding of what many are experiencing, see What is DNS propagation and why does it take so long? by Rich Smith.

Before leaving for the Memorial Day Weekend, ground(ctrl) personnel provided active users with login problems an alternative for entering the site:

If you are still experiencing problems logging in to the new Official Fan Club on with your old OFC email and password, PLEASE use the new password clay2010 along with your OFC email address to log in. Once logged in, quickly reset your password in your Account Settings.

All day I was seriously wondering which would come first -- Clay's website or his new Tried & True CD. Right after uploading this blog, 24 hours into the new roll out, I finally crossed the Cyber threshold into the singer's new digs.

Have an awesome weekend, Clay Nation!


NEXT: America Honors Military Heroes

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Hugo Nominee: Fables Vol. 12: The Dark Ages

Fables Vol. 12: The Dark Ages

Fables Vol. 12: The Dark Ages is on the short list of nominees for the Hugo for Best Graphic Story this year.  All week, Brit Mandelo has been reviewing the nominees on  Today she wrote about Fables and admitted it's also her pick for the winner.  You can read her full article at Best Graphic Story Nominee #5: Fables—The Dark Ages but I'll share some highlights here:

The fifth and final nominee this year is Fables: The Dark Ages by Bill Willingham and a bevy of artists. (Mark Buckingham, Peter Gross, Andrew Pepoy, Michael Allred and David Hahn, for the curious.) The Dark Ages is the twelfth trade collection of Fables. I take back what I said about Captain Britain and MI13: Vampire State having the highest entry bar—that goes to Fables. There’s more or less no way at all to start reading the series here and know what’s going on. In fact, I think it would be some kind of travesty to start here, like skipping to page three hundred or, hell, the last chapter of a book before you read the rest. The good news is, Fables is easy to find in bookstores around the country, not just comic shops, and I can’t recommend it strongly enough, so there’s still time to catch up before the voting.

Fables and its creator(s) have a fantastic awards record so far. It’s won a total of twelve Eisner Awards, some for story and some for art. The Eisners are the big-deal award for comics, sort of like the Hugos and/or Nebulas are for SFF. It was also a Best Graphic Story nominee last year for the eleventh volume, War and Pieces.

I think sums up the entire series best with:

I suppose I could try to make an argument similar to the one I made with Girl Genius—that this isn’t a big plot-solver volume—but I think what it does do is much more important than that. Fables is all about retelling and reinventing stories, tales, and tropes. That’s what it does. So, for it to continue and in fact gain momentum after the point in the story where most fairytales end… That’s significant. It’s doing its thematic work with strong hands, right there, reinventing the idea of the fairytale again and again by showing what happens behind the scenes. It’s the difference between happily-ever-after (which never really happens), and having to face the consequences of every action.

So congrats to the Fables team. When the series first started, I never imagined it would become the hit with fans and critics that it now is. But Willingham et all understand the darker potentials of fairy tales and have explored them well and appealed to a large audience.  I'm always thrilled when that happens...

The Hugo Awards winners will be announced at Aussiecon 4 on 2-6 September 2010.  If you are interested in reading many of the entries, Books on the Knob has an explanation of how to receive the packet for voting at Hugo Awards Packet. She explains the system well, here is an excerpt:

This year, the Hugo Awards are doing things a little differently. Rather than a physical packet of reading material, they are releasing the entire list electronically to members, including supporting members who are not able to attend the conference in Australia. What that means is that for $50US or $70AUD, you can get copies of six novels, six novellas, six novelettes, five short stories, four graphic stories (plus a couple to read online only), and a number of related works, fanzines and other writing excerpts in various categories, all of which were considered to be prize-worthy examples by the awards committee. I found a password on one PDF (and, yes, most of the packet is in PDF form, although there are a few with multiple formats and I saw at least one PRC/Mobi file on a quick look-thru), so that one will be a PC only read, rather than moving to my Kindle and there are a few that include links to online only reads (a few graphic/comics sites are online only publications, for example), but otherwise they should work well on an ereader.

If you don't want to join, a number of the short stories, novelettes, novellas and graphic stories are available online to read, for the duration of the voting period (yes, you are expected to vote, but there is little to stop you from skipping this part), which ends 31 July 2010 23:59 PDT. You can sign up online, HERE, but you will have a decision to make: let them process the charges in Australian dollars, which will mean possibly paying a small exchange fee to your bank or credit card company, and a total based on the current exchange rate (when I checked, it worked out to around $65US; PayPal tells you how much before you complete the transaction), OR you can use their manual registration and payment option via PayPal and pay a flat $50US (directions are on the registration page). If a bargain price is your main consideration, the latter is the way to go. However, you'll want to add to your PayPal message that you wish to get all your material via email, or they will send you everything via snail mail - adding at least a week to get anything, here in the States. In addition, rather than the automated system set up to issue registration info (which you need to download the books), your registration is handled manually, by a group of volunteers; even with several emails to them to check on status, mine took three weeks to complete and get my password via email. With only two months left in the voting period, that would not leave much time to read the entries if I chose that method today.
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