Primeiro beijo do cinema

Em 1896 May Irwin e John Rice protagonizaram o que seria o primeiro beijo do cinema, o filme se chama 'The May Irwin Kiss' e na época foi considerado "Pornográfico".

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Qual a torre mais Alta do Mundo???

Qual a torre mais alta do mundo??

Maior construção feita pelo homem terá 818 metros após finalizada.

O Burj Dubai ou "Torre de Dubai" é um arranha-céu em construção no distrito de Business Bay, na cidade de Dubai, nos Emirados Árabes Unidos e é a estrutura mais alta construída pela mão do homem ainda não finalizada. A construção começou em 21 de Setembro de 2004 e é esperado que esteja completado e pronto para ocupação em Setembro de 2009

O edifício faz parte de uma área de 2 km ² em desenvolvimento chamada "Downtown Dubai" e está localizado no "Primeiro Interchange", juntamente com a Sheikh Zayed Road e Doha Street. O arquiteto da torre é Adrian Smith que trabalhou com Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) até 2006.
SOM é uma firma de arquitetura e engenharia encarregada do projeto. A primeira construtora é Samsung Engineering & Construction juntamente com a Besix e a Arabtec.

O orçamento total do projeto do Burj Dubai é de cerca de 4,1 bilhões de dólares e para toda a nova "Downtown Dubai", 20 bilhões de dólares. Mohamed Ali Alabbar, o presidente da Emaar Propertiers falou no 8º Congresso Mundial do Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, que o preço do metro quadrado de sala de escritório é de 43 000 dólares por m², e a Armani Residences estava vendendo o metro quadrado das salas por 37 500.

A previsão de inauguração é em setembro de 2009

Fonte: Wikipédia
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Fotos Engraçadas de Gatos

Fotos engraçadas de gatos!! Gato Punheteiro
Bom de Briga
Gato Bomba

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Propaganda Criativa - Como tratar uma mulher

Uma propaganda de Cerveja mostra como devemos tratar as mulheres.....

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Clay Aiken Fans Mark Six Years

REFLECTIONS -- Clay Aiken fans this week commemorate the night they first heard "the voice" during the Jan. 28, 2003 telecast of American Idol Season 2 Atlanta Auditions. Animated graphic by cindilu2.

'Always and Forever' Audition

Fans Celebrate 6th Anniversary

For Clay Aiken fans, January 28 -- a date that represents the founding of the Carnegie Institute (1902), the shocking destruction of the space shuttle Challenger (the "Teacher in Space" mission) 73 seconds after liftoff (1986), and the unveiling of producer Clive Davis's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (1997) -- marks the sixth anniversary since the singer's Atlanta audition was aired on American Idol 2.

For countless fans, now known the world over as Claymates or the Clay Nation, the beautiful strains of "Always and Forever" were just the beginning. Many have been on board the Clay Train ever since.

Who could have predicted the musical journey we on the Clay Train have taken with this amazing man as he belted out those first few notes for the AI judges, the difference his positive role model would make in the lives of people around the globe, the close Internet friendships that would form all because of a skinny be-speckled red-headed guy with big feet, floppy ears, and a magnificent set of pipes?

Commemorations of the Atlanta anniversary -- long ago tagged "He Had Me at Take" -- are in full swing with the donning of CA tee/sweat shirts for the day, watching AI2 clack, sharing initial memories of "the vox" six years ago as well as thoughts about how lives have changed since Clay Aiken appeared on the nation's radar.

Pixieglitter's video of the 1/28/03 telecast of the Atlanta audition includes special clips compiled by Hosaa, can be viewed here and at YouTube.

The Atlanta Audition - Montage by Pixieglitter

Fans Recall Jan. 28, 2003

I missed the audition we commemorate this week. A friend asked me what I thought of the skinny kid from North Carolina, so I promptly located a video clip online and tuned into AI from then on to cheer for this amazing singer from my home state. I'm sure I would have had the same initial reaction as the fans quoted below.

Where were you and what were your thoughts upon hearing Clay for the first time? Special thanks to these Clayversity members for allowing me to share their experiences in this blog:

TEXWRITER: I was folding clothes in the bedroom, watching on the bedroom TV, and DH [Dear Husband] was watching in the living room. I didn't even glance at the TV until Clay started singing, but once I did, I was completely mesmerized. Like Randy, I couldn't believe that voice was coming out of that body. The minute his clip was done, I started down the hallway to find DH. Funny thing is he had gotten up to come and find me, so we met each other halfway. We were both completely blown away by his talent and rooted for him from then on.

WILDABOUTCLAY: I still remember the moment vividly. I didn't plan to watch AI2, but it was a slow TV night, and I was channel surfing. By some stroke of fate, I turned AI on as Clay was being introduced. Because I love voices and am naturally curious, I kept it on as he began to sing. WOW! I still remember yelling to my husband in the other room that "this guy has a good voice." I was hooked after that because I wanted to see how he did. When it came to Open Arms night, I was convinced he had the best voice there.

ONEMOREFAN: I can remember watching Clay walk into the room. When he put his arms out and said, "I am the next American Idol," I thought he was cute but sort of expected him to not have a good voice. Then he started singing, and I was actually shocked that someone with that good a voice wasn't already a recording star.

VJM: I wasn't really watching AI. It was on the television by chance, just as background noise. I was doing some serious cleaning in my bedroom, moving books, cleaning the glass of picture frames, rearranging closets. I wasn't even facing the television. I didn't see Clay walk into the audition and didn't tune in to his talk about being the next American Idol. I didn't see what he looked like. But then he sang that first phrase, I was immediately captivated, turned around, and sat on the edge of the bed to watch the rest. That's all it took. He's had my attention ever since.

NETTE: The night of the Atlanta audition I had been sleeping on the couch, woke up, picked up the remote and started channel surfing. When I came to Fox, I recognized the show as the one my son had liked the year before. I watched it for a while, but was disgusted at the bad auditions. I picked up the remote to change the channel just as Clay walked in.

He caught my attention before he even started to sing. There was the brightest aura around him even on TV. When he sang, I just froze. This was the best voice I had ever heard, and I could not understand why they were haggling about his looks. He looked beautiful, and with his voice why did they care. He took the darkness out of my life that night, and I knew I would beat cancer because there was just no way I was going to leave Clay.

ROSEVIOLET: Like a lot of other people, I only saw the last couple of episodes of AI1 and found it intriguing. When AI2 started, I was determined to watch it from the beginning. When Clay first stepped up for his audition, I thought, "Oh dear, he's going to be one of the bad ones" and then was totally blown away by his voice. I felt that connection with him from that point on. It has only been further cemented in place over the years. I don't know why. I have never felt this way about any singer before, not even when I really was 12.

PHOTO INTERMISSION: This clickable interlude features graphics highlighting the past six years. Visual artists represented include Amazing_CA, photos by Tasapio, 1; cindilu2, photos by Tasapio, 2; ABeautifulMind, 3; Amazing_CA, photos by toni7babe, 4; and CLAYPERFECT, 5.

Season 2 Memories Still Vivid

DYLAN: When he returned for the Wildcard Show and sang DLTSGDOM, that's when I noticed the singing voice for the first time. I was thinking, "Who is this guy who swallows the last note in each phrase?" I had never heard anyone sing like that before. From that time on, I was and still am a complete goner.

RCKNRLLMOM: I believe I was where I needed to be six years ago. Just coming out of a life altering situation being diagnosed with cancer and going through all the emotions and treatments. I had faith, for sure; I had to. But life was just starting to go on. We were all watching the night Clay sang for the judges for the first time. I think my mouth dropped open at the voice that came out. I was amazed; I was hooked. My heart opened that night, too. The joy was back. It started with a simple word -- "Take" -- and has grown a thousand-fold since.

CLAYLEE: The beginning of my love affair with Clay began with DLTSGDOM in the Wildcard Show but really blossomed when, during an interview, he was talking about Simon's remarks to him about not looking like a pop star. Clay said he would always have these (flipping his ears out) and that he was okay with that. There was no vanity, no embarrassment, just pure honesty. He got me with that, and the rest is history.

SALTWATERDOG: I remember Clay well. I remember his confidence. I remember thinking how beautiful his skin and cheekbones were. And the voice! Mr. Salt and I just looked at each other and went, "WOW!" We laughed at the comments, agreeing that Clay did not look like a pop star, and cheered when Clay went on to the next step. We still tease the neighbors about how they got us started watching AI, blaming them for how we travel cross-country to see Clay in concert.

IRISHBOOKGAL: During the Atlanta audition show I was listening while I was in the kitchen baking chocolate chip cookies. I was just about to take a batch out of the oven when Clay began to sing. His voice just did something to me; and I jerked, burning my hand on the oven as I ran to see just who that was. My cookies burned to a crisp, and I still have a little "Clay scar" on my my hand. He had me hook, line, and sinker from "take"!

Bumpy Road to Final 12

As longtime CA fans know, Clay lost to Quiana Parler, now one of his backup singers, in the finals of his Charlotte audition. Thankfully, he was determined enough to drive to Atlanta and try again. That stubbornness served him well as he was eventually bumped again in Hollywood, returning for the Wildcard Show and blowing everyone away with his rendition of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down." The American public responded by voting the North Carolinian into the final field of 12.

Though Clay finished second to winner Ruben Studdard in the spring finale, he has attracted countless fans from multiple generations with his golden voice, entertaining shows, and a profound dedication to use his celebrity to make a difference. Co-founder of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation with a mission of inclusion for all children, Clay serves as a special ambassador for UNICEF and has traveled throughout the world promoting these causes.

Aspiegirl's montage of "If You Don't Know Me By Now," a bonus cut from the A Thousand Different Ways album, provides an overview of Clay's career as an entertainer, as well as his philanthropic endeavors:

If You Don't Know Me By Now - Montage by Aspiegirl

From Atlanta to Broadway

Fountaindawg's collage "Happy Sixth Anniversary" is another special commemoration of January events 2003 - 2009, replete with photos and quotations signifying the initial introduction, as well as Clay's successful leap onto the Broadway stage as Sir Robin in "Spamalot" last year.

Happy 6th Anniversary!
Wallpaper by Fountaindawg

During the Jan. 28, 2003, telecast, AI judge Simon Cowell began the now famous litany that he continued off and on throughout the competition: "You don't look like a pop star."

In media promos prior to Clay's Broadway run as Sir Robin, Spamalot director Mike Nichols frequently spoke of Clay's talent in this manner:

"Clay Aiken is amazing beyond that glorious voice. Turns out he is an excellent comic actor and a master of character. People will be surprised by his wide ranging talent, since the first impression is of great country charm and a singer to remember. This guy is not only a star, he is a lot more.

We are lucky to get him for Spamalot. ... The guy is not only a star; he is a lot more."

Below is a clickable of cindilu2's opening graphic, "Reflections":

Idol Found, Game Over!

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!


Other Clay Blogs commemorating the "Always and Forever" audition include Clay Aiken News Network, Clayigraphy, There Was a Man, and Hosaa's Blog.

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Frases Engraçadas para seu Perfil no Msn ou Orkut

As melhores frases e as frases mais engraçadas para colocar no nick do msn ou em seu perfil no Orkut!!

"Afogamento é uma coisa que dá água na boca."

"Mulher é igual pizza, boa mesmo é a que gente come fora de casa"

"No Havaí todas as sandálias são havaianas"

"Devo tanto, que se eu chamar alguém de meu bem, o banco me toma!"

"O mundo é bom porque é uma bola! Se fossem duas seria um saco..."

"Nunca dormi com mulher feia, mas já acordei com várias"

"Transar é arte, gozar faz parte, engravidar é moda. Mais assumir é foda."

“Pior é na guerra, que a gente pede chiclete e só vem bala!”

"Cerveja faz mal… quando falta!"

"Quem dá aos pobres....paga o Motel!!"

"Se não andasse de ônibus nos horários de pico, a minha vida sexual seria zero"

"90% do meu dinheiro eu gasto com bebida. Os outros 10% são do garçom"

"Um dia li que fumar fazia mal, parei de fumar, no outro dia li que beber fazia mal, parei de beber, e outro dia, li que fazer sexo fazia mal, parei de ler"

"Nunca dormi no volante, mas já acordei dirigindo"

"Tamanho não é documento e Dinheiro não traz felicidade."
Acho que, quem inventou essa merda era pobre e tinha pinto pequeno!...

"O povo diz quem tem boca vai a Roma, pois o fogão lá da minha casa tem seis bocas e nunca saiu da cozinha"

"Experiência é o nome que nós damos aos nossos próprios erros"

"Ironia do destino é quando um jardineiro tem um filho florzinha e uma filha trepadeira..."

"Pegar mulher feia é igual andar de mobilete; É legal até um amigo seu ver"

"Ronaldo Fenômeno é bom no truco: ele diz que tem espada, esconde o ouro, descarta a dama de copas e aparece com três de paus"

"Pra que ficar com o principe encantado se voce pode ficar com o lobo mau?? afinal é ele q te ouve melhor, te vê melhor ,te cheira melhor....e no final...ainda te come!!!"

"Pobre é foda diz que não tem nada mais vem uma enchente e diz que perdeu tudo"

"Um homem rouba o primeiro beijo, implora o segundo, exige o terceiro, recebe o quarto, aceita o quinto, e suporta os restantes"

"Em dia de tempestades e trovoadas, o local mais seguro é perto da sogra, não há raio que a parta!!!"

"Peito de mulher é igual autorama, feito para criança mas só adulto brinca."

Veja também:

Tem mais frases??
Deixe nos comentários...

Gostou do Blog??
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- Frases Engraçadas para Msn e Orkut

DCH- Fotos e Vídeos
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Dança sensual termina em porrada

Quando a professora tenta ensinar seus truques de sedução e a aluna leva um tombo a pancadaria começa.....

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Humor- Brincadeiras de Crianças

Como é bom ver as crianças brincando felizes, vejam a cara de alegre que elas estão...

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Voice, Heart Win Aiken Fans

Clay Aiken - Measure of a Man (UNICEF) Montage

Golfing for Inclusion Updates

It's All About the Voice, Heart

We came for the voice but stayed for the man.

An anonymous phrase coined early in Clay Aiken's career remains the mantra of fans six years later. Throughout the spring of 2003, the singer's incredible pipes wooed legions of followers as week after week he progressed to the finale of American Idol 2.

By mid-summer when Clay and Diane Bubel founded The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, officially turning a college blueprint into an organization working to bridge the gap between young people with special needs and the world around them, supporters knew a little more about the heart of the man.

The title track and "I Will Carry You" from Measure of a Man, Clay's first album, have practically become theme songs for his charitable projects of inclusion and worldwide endeavors as a UNICEF Ambassador. The latter are portrayed in the 2007 Measure of a Man montage above by Gerwhisp.

IN ALL THINGS, LOVE -- Animated graphic by cindilu2.

TBAF Hosts Golfing for Inclusion

Monday Clay and PGA professional Wayne Player co-hosted the 2nd Annual Golfing for Inclusion, a fundraiser for TBAF, at the Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

The day-long event featured a festive day of golf, auctions, and a formal evening of exquisite cuisine and entertainment by the singer. Pianist was Ben Cohn, currently assistant conductor and first keyboardist for the Broadway show Wicked.

Below is Scarlett's video of "This Is the Moment" from the 2009 GFT program.

This Is the Moment - Clay Aiken, 2009 GFI

At YouTube, fans can view videos of This Is the Moment (Scarlett), as well as I Don't Have the Heart, Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word, Mandy, Right Here Wating , and Proud of Your Boy by Goldarngirl.

These Sendspace links are audio files by Goldarngirl from Monday night's program:

I Don't Have the Heart To Hurt You

Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word


This Is the Moment

Right Here Waiting

Proud of Your Boy

PHOTO INTERLUDE - This clickable interlude provides glimpses from the 2009 Golfing for Inclusion, as well as two graphics from the 2008 event. Featured are photos of Clay and Wayne Player on the golf course by Katy4Clay, 1, 2; evening festivities photo by Shamrock, 3; 2008 graphics by Clayquebec1, 4, and Amazing_CA, 5.

Sunday ymarie, a Clayversity member, said all this much better than I. With her permission, here is her special summary of the Measure of a Man.


Is it the hip-hop singer who cries foul when he doesn't win? Or the pop-singer who came in second and was nothing but happy for the friend who won.

Is it the man who dances half-naked in semi-pornographic videos? Or the man who gently picks up a lady from her wheelchair to dance with her on stage.

Is it the man who yells at a child for crying? Or the man who sings softly to a child to calm her fears.

Is it the man who laments "Why me"? Or the man who asks "Why not?"

Is it the star who won't share the stage with anyone who might take the focus off him? Or the star who is excited to show off the talent of those he calls friends.

Is it the star who is three hours late, then can't understand why his fans are upset? Or the star who holds onto a stool for dear life so he wouldn't disappoint his fans.

Is it the man who tells the world how great he is? Or the man who gets embarrassed when others tell him how much he means to them.

Is it the man who owns 300 pairs of jeans, just because he can? Or the man who recycles clothes so as not to be wasteful.

Is it the man who demands to be waited on hand and foot? Or the man who believes in a life of service to others.

Is it the man who writes a memoir to brag about his accomplishments? Or the man who bared his soul about his early life in hopes it would help someone else.

Is it the man who blames others for his failings? Or the man who keeps trying until he succeeds.

Is it the man who holds a press conference to announce he is donating a new wing to the hospital? Or the man who quietly visits a sick child in the hospital, with only the family and a night nurse to witness it.

Is it the rap-star that begs the Arab oil-producing nations to give him a break because the gas for his private jet costs too much? Or the UNICEF Ambassador who travels to dangerous areas of the world at his own expense, to bring awareness to the deplorable conditions children face.

Is it the man who doesn't want to have to deal with fans? Or the man who lets his fans verbally abuse him, then quietly sings he will be right here waiting with open arms, if and when they are ready to come back.

Is it the man who won't take responsibility for the children he's fathered? Or the man who risked everything to be able to live an honest and open life for his son.

Is it the size of his ego? Or the size of his heart.

If you took all those other men and rolled them together, they still wouldn't measure up to 1/10th of the man Clay Aiken is.

Obama Inauguration Offers Hope

LovesClaysVoice chose Clay's
I Will Carry You to accompany her montage about the hope new US President Barack Obama brings to the nation and the entire world.

Spotlighted are photos from the Jan. 20 inaugural ceremony, parade, and balls. You can download the montage with this IWCY Sendspace.

President Barack Obama - I Will Carry You Montage

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


Other blogs covering TBAF's 2009 Golfing for Inclusion: Clay Aiken News Network and There Was a Man.

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Tim-Tim - Brinde Fail

Tim- Tim Fail

Um Brinde.....ops!!!
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Filmes- O Curioso caso de Benjamin Button

Trailer, Elenco, Sinopse e Poster do filme:
O Curioso Caso de Benjamin Button (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

Elenco: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Taraji Henson, Elle Fanning, Kimberly Scott, Jason Flemyng, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Emma Degerstedt.

Direção: David Fincher
Gênero: Drama
Duração: 167 min.
Distribuidora: Warner Bros.
Estreia: 16 de Janeiro de 2009
Sinopse: "Eu nasci em circunstâncias incomuns."

O Curioso Caso de Benjamin Button, adaptação do romance de 1920 de F. Scott Fitzgerald sobre um homem que nasce com oitenta e poucos anos e rejuvenesce a cada dia que passa. Um homem, como qualquer um de nós, que não pode parar o tempo. A partir da Nova Orleans do final da I Guerra Mundial, em 1918, adentrando o século XXI, o filme percorre uma jornada tão incomum quanto pode ser a da vida de qualquer pessoa, através da grandiosa história de um homem nem tão comum assim, das pessoas e lugares que ele descobre ao longo do caminho, dos amores que encontra, dos que perde, das alegrias da vida e das tristezas da morte e do que permanece além do tempo.

Assista o Trailer:

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Tatuagens idiotas- Tatoo Fail

Fotos- As Tatuagens mais idiotas

Muito cuidado ao fazer uma tatuagem, pois você irá levar ela em seu corpo pelo resto da vida.

Pé animado

Tatuagem Nerd
Ficou igualzinho a foto-1

Ficou igualzinho a foto-2

Pelas estrias vemos que a serra funciona

Quanta criatividade

2 Faces e duas carecas
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Saiba mais sobre as guerras

O que se passa na cabeça de um homem quando ele esta a segundos de tirar a vida de seu semelhante???

A guerra transforma homens que nunca se viram ou nunca se conheceram em inimigos mortais, geralmente para defender interesses políticos de homens que para ir ao supermercado levam 10 seguranças, andam de carro blindado e nunca dariam a vida para defender o interesse que defendem.

Pior ainda são as guerras movidas por religião, pessoas que matam em nome de Deus e acham que vão para o tal "paraíso", não consigo entender o que move realmente uma guerra, só sabemos que desde que o mundo é mundo elas existem e infelizmente vão continuar a existir, é da natureza humana e animal guerrear por territórios, riquezas, comida e religião.

O substantivo "guerra" deriva do vocábulo da língua gótica e saxônica wirro, que significa "Confronto".

Conheça alguns tipos de guerras:

Guerra civil - Conflito que envolve facções de uma mesma nação ou grupo. Possui como objetivo a separação (fratricídio) ou a tomada do poder. Ex.: Guerra dos Farrapos (Brasil), Guerra Civil Americana (EUA), Guerra Civil Espanhola (Espanha).

Guerra diplomática - confronto político que considera-se o estado "ideal" da guerra, ou seja, uma guerra em que prevalece a diplomacia ou o entendimento entre os povos, a estratégia e a racionalidade do entendimento, não havendo inspiração de ordem emocional ou moralista. Geralmente encontrada em sistemas internacionais propícios ao equilíbrio de poder (vide relações internacionais), segundo Napoleão I, " guerras armadas nascem quando as guerras diplomáticas morrem..."

Guerra nupcial, de encadeamento ou Vingança - caracteriza-se por compreender uma nação inteira sob o objetivo de vencer uma guerra emocionalmente e psicologicamente envolvidos em um objetivo beligerante, nascido do confronto em si, gerado de disputas muitas vezes históricas ou sociológicas. Envolve a totalidade dos esforços bélicos, ideológicos, comerciais, etc., e inclui necessariamente um elenco subjetivo cultural, histórico e antropológico, nascidos da disputa política anteriores e necessáriamente de um líder constituído para tal fim que incorporiza tal espírito beligerante de um povo historicamente ofendido, quase sempre, como já foi dito de origem histórica, social, cultural, antropológica de justiça ofendida e de paixão culturalmente desenvolvida pelo ódio de classes ou culturas ou religiões tudo concatenado e encadeado num momento histórico, como se fosse uma grade panela de pressão que explodisse, por exemplo: a Alemanha nacional trabalhista de Adolf Hitler, a Itália, e o Japão, nações do chamado Eixo, de mesmo foco político, de Benito Mussoline, que queriam transformar o mundo, durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial,chegando a envolver ou encadear também o Japão, como queriam encadear outros teatros de guerra, nas palavras de Wiston Churchil.

Guerra preservativa - ocorre quando uma nação, estando sob a ameaça de outra, não encontra alternativa senão a de tomar a iniciativa do confronto, fazendo isso como forma de defesa. São consideradas "legais", de acordo com a Organização das Nações Unidas(1948) ou Liga das Nações(1918).

Guerra de partida ou Ataque é a melhor defesa - a nação antecipa agressivamente o confronto, pelo conflito subversivo efervescente das massas, sem que existam provas consistentes o bastante para o justificar, antes do oponente do confronto. Ex.: invasão do Iraque, que culminou na queda de Saddam Hussein.

Guerra por procuração ou Doutrina- nações confrontam-se indiretamente, financiando os conflitos efervescentes subvertendo as massas populares, cujos resultados dizem respeito aos interesses delas. Ex.: ocasião em que os Estados Unidos da América financiaram a Grécia contra o avanço do comunismo (vide Doutrina Truman).

Guerra fria- nações digladiam-se através de corrida armamentista e tecnológica, espionagem ou subversão ou guerras por procuração doutrinária; por conflitos indiretos e subversivos com espionagem, sempre evitando o confronto direto, uma vez que este desencadearia uma situação sobre a qual as nações confrontantes não teriam controle, sobre a Guerra Nuclear ou Atômica, evidentemente, Terrorismo - Evidente(fim da Humanidade). Ex.: Estados Unidos da América X União das Repúblicas Socialistas Soviéticas de 1960 a 1984 (vide próximo tipo, "guerra nuclear").

Guerra nuclear ou Terror Atômico- também conhecida como "terrorismo - estressante", em que foguetes de alcance mundial são utilizados para causar destruição total e irreversível no oponente(de 1960, John Fitsgerald Kennedy e Nikitta Krubshev em Cuba, Baia dos Porcos e início do bloqueio à queda do muro de Berlim em 1984). Jamais houve esse tipo de guerra na realidade, mas a ameaça do terror eminente, da espada de Demóscristo sobre a cabeça da humanidade sempre existiu, de haver o fim do mundo, o que inspirou de fato e de direito a Guerra Fria entre EUA(seus satélites) e URSS(e seus satélites), havendo o Terceiro - Mundo(em que o Brasil, a França, a Alemanha, Portugal, Espanha e outros países faziam parte). A primeira estratégia sugerida fora a "Destruição Mútua Garantida", ou "Mutual Assured Destruction" (MAD, "louco" ou "estressante"). Esta rezava que, se um lado atacasse, o outro revidaria, havendo apenas vencidos. Outra tática seria proposta pelos EUA: em último caso, atacar preventivamente alguns pontos estratégicos do inimigo, de forma a neutralizar uma possível reação nuclear deste. Esta seria conhecida como "Estratégia de Alvos de Uso Nuclear", ou "Nuclear Utilization Target Strategies" (ou apenas NUTS, "maluco").

Guerra biológica- devolve como tática de guerra o uso de agentes biológicos nocivos (vírus, bactérias, doenças, etc). Diz-se ironicamente que a conquista da América inaugurou a guerra biológica do passado, pois os europeus trouxeram consigo doenças que dizimavam as populações nativas das Américas; modernamente, segundo diversas fontes do Pentágono e muitas vezes comprovados com evidências, hoje forças políticas beligerantes, que sonham com outro estado de direito, utilizam-se dessa guerra, no envio de cartas e objetos pelo correio, após o ataque as torres gêmeas em 11 de setembro de 2001.

Guerra química - pela primeira vez usada no primeiro confronto mundial de 1914 a 1918 e que envolve a utilização de artefatos químicos, como gases venenosos como o mostarda, venenos ou de efeito moral como napalm. Ex.: Guerra do Irã e Iraque, como parte da Guerra do Vietnam.
Guerra comercial ou Econômica - envolve a utilização de mecanismos tais como o embargo comercial e a imposição de barreiras alfandegárias. Ex.: Bloqueio continental promovido por Napoleão; embargo à África do Sul na época do Apartheid, como também o isolamento de Cuba, a partir de 1960(invasão da baia dos Porcos, até os dias de hoje).

Guerra subversiva, espionagem ou de guerrilha - é um tipo de guerra não convencional de confronto direto e general, no qual o principal estratagema é a ocultação secreta e extrema mobilidade de agentes autônomos, dos combatentes em digamos assim "bastidores", chamada mais propriamente de "guerra ou confronto de guerrilheiros"; pois "subversão" é encontrada em toda ou qualquer guerra, pelos próprios agentes de Estado. Ex.: FARC, na Colômbia, e em guerras urbanas modernas, contra os diversos tráficos ilegais que confrontam com a sociedade e cidadania, tentando formar um "Estado Paralelo", no exercício de poder, utilizado também pelos estados políticos que pregam a invasão ideológica religiosa.

Guerra psicológica ou de propaganda - a população (de qualquer das partes) é manipulada para conseguir obter o seu apoio pela panfletagem e propaganda. A manipulação pode ocorrer mediante a transmissão de informações falsas ou assistência médica,por exemplo. É guerra psicológica, a manobra em que o interessado detém a fidelidade do povo ao suprir-lhes precariamente, suas necessidades básicas sem intenção verdadeira de viabilizar soluções. Aparentando apoio e atenção, sem perder o foco voltado em mantê-lo (o povo) atado e fiel através do medo, ignora o fato que se trata apenas da manutenção de sua miséria sobrevivência. Dessa forma o interessado os mantém calados, passivos, inoperantes e gratificados. Mantendo-os temerosos com seu futuro e ignorantes de cultura e informações da verdade, o interessado não terá oponente, como exemplo temos a guerra psicológica de propaganda de Adolfo Hitler no passado e modernamente na propaganda do tráfego, tentando aliciar os cidadãos de bem em uma aventura duvidosa, temos em Himmler, o ministro da propaganda da nacional socialista trabalhista alemã, "Shults Stafellna(abreviatura partidária)", de Adolfo Hitler, que costumava afirmar sempre em seus discursos de apoio a tal guerra psicológica: "...uma mentira dita várias vezes, acaba se transformando-se em verdade, se não tiver respaldo legal que a negue..." É o princípio norteador da chamada guerra psicológica.
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Clay Aiken Tackles Global Poverty

ON THEIR SIDE -- Fountaindawg's graphic about Clay Aiken's new blog echos the words of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters." Photos by Nick Ysenburg, UNICEF.

Petitions President, Citizens of World

Singer Seeks Poverty Solutions

In his new blog "Believe in Zero," UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken petitioned President Barack Obama and citizens of the world to help conquer global poverty.

The U.S. Fund for UNICEF is proud to be a partner of ONE. ONE has mobilized millions of Americans to speak up about the importance of tackling global poverty – saving and improving lives around the world.

I’ve had a chance to see many wonderful children, full of laughter and hope, in even the poorest places around the world. And I’ve seen the incredible work of UNICEF to help those children and their families survive and thrive.

But I have also seen children sick and dying from lack of basic nutrition and medicines. And I cannot forget that despite UNICEF’s work, 25,000 children die every day, mostly from preventable causes. I believe that number should be
zero – no child dying unnecessarily.

So I am asking President Barack Obama to launch a
Presidential Initiative to Accelerate Child Survival. And I am asking YOU to join me, by signing a petition to the President.

You can read Clay's complete blog here.

ONE Mobilizes Support

ONE is a grassroots campaign and advocacy organization backed by more than two million people from around the globe and every walk of life who are committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.

Cofounded by Bono, Bobby Shriver and other campaigners, and supported by Bob Geldof and other high profile activists, ONE is nonpartisan and works with activists from the left, right and center to mobilize public opinion in support of effective, proven initiatives that are delivering results: protecting families from preventable diseases like AIDS and malaria, putting kids in school, providing economic opportunity and stabilizing communities.

UNICEF Sets Zero Goal

Long an advocate of improving and saving the lives of children, UNICEF entreats all to adopt the "zero" goal.

At UNICEF, we believe in children. We believe deeply that every child - regardless of race, gender, religion, nationality or economic status - is equally deserving of a future. We believe that every child, not a percentage of children, should be afforded basic lifesaving vaccines, clean water, nutrition, protection from violence and a chance to survive to adulthood.

It all starts with child survival—ensuring that newborns, young children and their mothers have what they need to stay healthy and have the opportunity to grow up. Too many children don’t get that opportunity—every day, 25,000 children under the age of five die of preventable causes. They don’t have to die, but they do.

UNICEF believes it is possible to reach zero and encourages everyone to endorse the Presidential Initiative petition.

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Featured in this clickable interlude are graphics from Clay's 2008 UNICEF trips to Somalia and Kenya. Artists include Amazing_CA, 1; Claystruck, 2; Fountaindawg, double clickable of lead graphic, 3; Ashes, 4; and MNmeesh, 5.

Golfing for Inclusion Supports TBAF

Golfing enthusiasts are packing bags, practicing swings, and preparing to travel to Palm Beach Gardens, FL, for Monday's 2nd Annual Golfing for Inclusion, fundraising project of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation.

Co-hosted by Clay Aiken and PGA professional Wayne Player, the event will feature a festive day of golf and a formal evening of extraordinary cuisine and entertainment by the singer.

For more information, this
TBAF page includes links for registration, reservations, and online auctions.

Co-founded in 2003 by Clay and Diane Bubel, TBAF seeks to bridge the gap that exists between young people with special needs and the world around them by supporting communities with inclusive programs and working to create awareness about the possibilities that inclusion can bring.

Greetings from Grandson Kai

For Kai's fan club members, who have been dropping significant hints that it was past time for him to compose or make an appearance in his grandmother's blog, here is our family's special 16-month-old.

Kai on the move!

Measuring 32 inches tall at his January checkup, grandson is on his way to being the giant in this family of height-challenged musicians. Perhaps one day he will play basketball for his grandmother's beloved Tar Heels.

Kai's vocabulary expands daily as does his inclination to investigate everything new. He loves to "help" his mother with housework and carries extra loads of laundry to the washing machine for her. He has his own collection of plastic blowls housed in the dishwasher to "clean" while his mother clears the kitchen sink.

His favorite perch is atop the dining room table because from there he can see everything that's going on. The adults finally accepted that, no matter what, this willful little guy would find a way to the top, so an accessible chair is conveniently left in his climbing path.

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation!


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Foto- Melhor ultrapassagem da F-1

Essa sem dúvida é a melhor ultrapassagem que temos registro!
Ta com pressa???
Passa por cima....
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Humor- BMW de pobre

Quem precisa de dinheiro para ter uma BMW????
O importante é ter criatividade...
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Fotos de sobreposição dos monumentos nas notas de Dólar

Uma idéia simples porém interessante....

Uma idéia simples, porém interessante essa sobreposição de notas sobre os respectivos monumentos que ilustram as notas de dólar.
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US, World Welcome the Obamas

The Obamas wave to those along inaugural parade route.

Era of New Beginnings

US, World Welcome the Obamas

An unprecedented 1.8 million people braving bone-chilling weather and waving a sea of American flags assembled on the National Mall in Washington, DC, while 38 million around the country and the world joined the celebration via telecast as Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th President of the United States.

A roll call of American public servants participated in the extraordinary, ritualistic procedure in which the first African American president proclaimed a new era of individual and collective responsibility the cornerstone, price, and promise of citizenship. See CNN's Let Freedom Ring montage by Peter Turnley.

Reflecting a sense of history and the investment many feel they have in this new and very different president, the inaugural speech was also addressed to the global audience watching "from the grandest capitals to the small village in which my father was born."

THUMBS UP - Sasha shows her approval after
her father's speech. Her sister Malia continued
chronicling events with a digital camera.

My attempt to choose a favorite passage from President Obama's speech resulted in no less than four segments. How about you? The full transcript can be read here.

The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness. [snip]

Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions - who suggest that our system cannot tolerate too many big plans. Their memories are short. For they have forgotten what this country has already done; what free men and women can achieve when imagination is joined to common purpose, and necessity to courage. [snip]

For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus - and non-believers.

We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this Earth; and because we have tasted the bitter swill of civil war and segregation, and emerged from that dark chapter stronger and more united, we cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace. [snip]

To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society's ills on the West - know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.

To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.

An interesting "morning after" link is ReadWriteWeb's Word Cloud Analysis of inaugural speeches by Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, and Lincoln.

Right on schedule, a new White House website --
Change Has Come to America -- was rolled out at high noon Tuesday. Technically, President Obama became the leader of the country at the same time. However, the inagural ceremony ran late and he didn't take the oath of office until several minutes later.

INAUGURATION DAY: The clickable photos below present a capsule of Tuedays inaugural activities. Included are a panorama view of the Capitol, 1; the oath of office with the Lincoln Bible, 2; a collage by Fountaindawg commemorating the event's connection to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 3; Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill with President and Mrs. Obama, 4; and the First Couple dancing at the Neighborhood Ball, 5. (AP/Getty Photos)

Inauguration Resonates Worldwide

Following the inaugural speech, reports of joy and jubilation rolled in from Kenya and Indonesia where the new president has family ties to Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. World-wide celebrations are reflected in the slide show accompanying this article.

Global Headlines

For days, cable network hosts have quizzed individuals gathered in Washington to experience the phenomenon in person, "Why are you here?" To which a couple from Sweden replied, "We think Barack Obama brings back the meaning of what it's all about for the whole world. Yes, we can!"

Another exclaimed, "We're all going in the same direction, and we're going there together!"

Dancing to "At Last" sung by Beyonce, the First Couple took a spin around the floor at the Neighborhood Ball, the first of 10 on their schedule. Mrs. Obama's gown was created by 26-year-old designer Jason Wu.

Changing America Together

In brief remarks, President Obama said the Neighborhood Ball, which reaches out to residents of Washington, DC, signifies how we as Americans are bound together and best captures the spirit of the campaign. "Together, we are going to change America!"

Founded by TV producer/philanthropist Norman Lear, Born Again American is committed to the rebirth and re-expression of citizenship through informed and thoughtful activism. Check out the website and add your signature if you would like to recommit to the country.

On January 20, the new president made history. Wednesday he goes to work, symbolized in itispersonal's montage of Clay Aiken singing Weight of the World from his On My Way Here CD.

Barack Obama: Weight of the World

Here's to changing America together!


The Obamas

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