Sugestões Presentes Dia dos Pais 2010-2011 | Dicas

O que Comprar?

Aqui no Brasil comemoramos o Dia dos Pais no segundo domingo de Agosto, o que nesse ano irá acontecer dia 08/08/2010, já em 2011 a data será comemorada dia 14/08, se você está na dúvida de qual presente comprar para seu velho estamos aqui para ajuda-lo, o ideal seria pensar no que o seu pai precisa no momento, pais sempre precisam de camisas ou camisetas, se você tem melhores condições não seria nada mal comprar um celular ou um notebook, se anda meio apertado de grana CD´s, DVD´s, livros e perfumes são sempre bem vindos, a dica ideal é leva-lo ao shopping e reparar o que mais chama a atenção dele nas vitrines, mas lembre-se o mais importante é dar aquele abraço carinhoso, um belo beijo e dizer o quanto você o ama e é grato por tudo que ela já fez por você, clique no link abaixo e veja algumas sugestões e ofertas da loja FNAC:

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New Tangled Featurette from Disney

Disney has just released a featurette about Tangled (the Rapunzel movie) due out in November. I am embedding it below:

The slightly relieving part is that Rapunzel does appear to be the main focus more than she appears in the first trailer. And the movie is very lush in appearance.

And after seeing all of these images of Rapunzel's long hair, I wonder how many little girls are going to beg to let their hair grow this winter...

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Joseph Campbell on Power of Myth With Bill Moyers on DVD

Joseph Campbell on Power of Myth With Bill Moyers

Joseph Campbell on Power of Myth With Bill Moyers will be released on DVD on September 21st.  This is an expanded set of a long out-of-print series.  It is especially of interest to those interested in mythology.

From the press release:

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers: The seminal PBS series on world mythology! "Dazzling and still potently relevant" - San Francisco Chronicle. "Fascinating" - The New York Times. "Compelling" - The Wall Street Journal. "Stirring and elevating" - Los Angeles Times.

These stimulating conversations between inspirational scholar Joseph Campbell and veteran journalist Bill Moyers created a national sensation when they first aired on public television. In lively, expansive dialogues, the two men discuss how myths hold the key to understanding human experience. They may vary superficially from culture to culture, but at their deepest level they all reveal the path to self-fulfillment, social integration, and ultimately, transcendence.

Joseph Campbell taught for nearly 40 years at Sarah Lawrence College; he authored and edited scores of books and inspired generations of scholars and artists. Journalist Bill Moyers distinguished himself at Newsday, NBC, CBS, and PBS; his many honors include lifetime achievement Emmy and Peabody awards. Join Campbell and Moyers as they touch on topics as diverse as world religions, marriage, the virgin birth, and pop culture. Filmed at George Lucas's Skywalker Ranch and New York's American Museum of Natural History, this series fires the imagination and the intellect. NOTE: Contains nudity and violent images
The set has the original series with these episodes:

Episode 1: The Hero's Adventure
Whether it's Buddha, Moses, Jesus, or the Knights of the Round Table, the heroes in every mythic tradition undertake the same archetypal journey from departure through fulfillment and return.

Episode 2: The Message of the Myth
At their deepest level, myths teach us how to live-with ourselves, with others, and with the mystery at the heart of life.

Episode 3: The First Storytellers
All of our culture's rituals have their roots in the myths of ancient hunters, who told stories and performed rituals to bring their lives into harmony with nature.

Episode 4: Sacrifice and Bliss
Like a seed that dies only to be reborn, the archetypal hero must undergo the death of the ego to achieve new life and the revelation of bliss.

Episode 5: Love and the Goddess
From kama to agape to courtly romance, Campbell explores the mythology of love and the role of the female as the giver of life and form.

Episode 6: Masks of Eternity
All cultures create "masks"-names and images for God-to serve as metaphors for inexpressible transcendence, the being beyond all being and the idea beyond all thought.

There is also a lot of bonus material, some of it supposedly released for the first time--I haven't confirmed that and don't have a complete list. Although this isn't the first time this has been released on DVD, it has been out of print for a while and this new version appears to be bigger and better than the previous release.

Whether or not you agree with everything Joseph Campbell wrote or said, it is important to know and understand his work since it is referenced so often. 
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Clay Aiken PBS Special Airs This Weekend

Watch full screen at

Clay Aiken: Tried & True LIVE!

PBS Special Opens in 30 Markets

The Clay Aiken: Tried & True ~ LIVE! PBS special kicks off coast to coast in 30 markets, 12 on Saturday, July 31, and 18 more on Sunday, Aug. 1.

In many cases, the telecast coincides with the public television's fall pledge drives. Supporters will be able to donate to their local station and receive the Tried & True CD, Tried & True LIVE DVD, or both.

Released commercially on July 27, the DVD is already the talk of Clay Cyberspace. As soon as the DVD of Clay's special March concert of Tried & True songs arrived in mailboxes, fans shared screen caps and scans of the DVD art. They are included below.

July 31 Tried & True ~ LIVE Telecasts

WTVI - Charlotte, NC: 4:30 pm (also 8/1, 8/2, 8/4, 8/7)
Rocky Mountain PBS, CO
: Denver: 4 pm (also 8/1)

NET - Lincoln, NE: 6:30 pm (also 8/4)
WPBT - Miami, FL: 7:30 and 11 pm (also 8/1, 8/5, 8/8, 8/12)
WLIT - Martin, TN: 7 p.m. (also 8/3, 8/7)
WYES - New Orleans, LA: 9 pm
WOSU - Columbus, OH: 10 pm (also 8/1, 8/8)
WUSF - Tampa, FL: 6:30 pm (Also 8/1, 8/3, 8/6)
WDSE - Duluth, MN: 7 pm
WNIN - Evansville, IN: 7 pm (also 8/1)
WPBA - Atlanta, GA: 8 and 9:30 pm (also 8/2)
WQED - Pittsburgh, PA: 8 pm (also 8/1, 8/2, 8/13)

Aug 1 Tried & True ~ LIVE Telecasts

WNMU - Marquette, MI - 10 pm
KOCE - Huntington Beach, CA - 6:30 pm (Also 8/2, 10 pm; 8/4, 5 pm; 8/6, 7 pm)
WCFE - Plattsburgh, NY - 7:30 p.m.
WQPT - Moline, IL (QUAD CITIES PBS) - 7:30 pm (Also 8/2 1 pm, 8/7 7:30 pm)
KLVX - Las Vegas, NV - 7:30 pm (Also 8/5 12 am, 8/7 3 pm)
WJCT - Jacksonville, FL - 7 pm (Also 8/4 8 pm)
WGCU - Fort Myers, FL - 8 pm (Also 8/2 2 am, 8/5 9:30 pm)
NPT - Nashville, TN - 8 pm (Also 8/3 11 pm)
KVPT - Fresno, CA - 8 pm (Also 8/4 8 pm)
WTCI - Chattanooga, TN - 8 pm (Also 8/4 8 pm)
WITF - Harrisburg, PA - 8 pm (Also 8/5 1 pm)
Georgia PB - Atlanta, GA - 9:30 pm (Also 8/3 7 pm)
WNIT - South Bend, IN - 9:30 pm (Also 8/5 and 8/7, 8 pm
KMOS - Columbia, MO - 9 pm (Also 8/8 12 am)
WVPT - Harrisburg & Staunton, VA -3 pm
WLRN - Miami, FL - 4:30 am & 8:30 pm (Also 8/2 12 am)
Maryland PT - Owings Mills, MD - 7:30 pm (Also 8/2 1 pm, 8/7 11 pm)
KCTS - Seattle, WA - 8 pm (Also 8/5 12:30 am, 8/7 11 pm)

Stations (with links), cities, dates, and telecast times of the PBS special are available on the searchable
CANN PBS Database.

Fountaindawg's T&T LIVE graphic, 3, is surrounded by double clickable DVD screen caps posted by adrienne1954.

'Tried & True' Tour Dates Surface

As the Clay Aiken-Ruben Studdard Timeless Tour starts the West Coast leg (in Snoqualmie, WA, 7 p.m. PT Thursday), CA fans continued locating Tried & True Tour dates/locations for February and March 2011.

The unofficial 2011 Tried & True Tour information has been gathered by various means -- Ticketmaster, PBS stations, announcements by the singer during Timeless Meet & Greets with fans this week. An official announcement will no doubt be made at soon.

Premium tickets/M&G passes for some concerts are being sold in conjunction with the current PBS pledge drives/Tried & True LIVE telecasts. Not every PBS station is paired with the 2011 winter tour. Early August general ticket sales have be reported by some venues.

Tentative 2011 T&T Tour Sites

Miami, FL - Feb 10, The Adrienne Arsht Center
Orlando, FL - Feb 11, The Hard Rock Cafe
Atlanta, GA - Feb 16, The Cobb Energy Centre
Pittsburgh, PA - Feb 18, Carnegie Library Music Hall at Homestead
Cleveland, OH - Feb 19, Palace Theatre
Towson, MD - Feb 22, Kraushaar Auditorium
Charlotte, NC - Feb 23, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
Greenville, SC - Feb 24, The Peace Center
Long Island, NY - Feb 26, Capital One Bank Theater at Westbury
Glenside, PA - Feb 27, Keswick Theater - PBS39 is pre-selling concert/VIP M&G tickets now!
Mesa, AZ - Mar 10, Mesa Arts Center
San Francisco - Mar 12 or 13

Other possible concert sites include Memphis, TN; Sarasota FL; Waukegan, IL; St. Louis, MO; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; and Dallas/Grand Prairie, TX.

Check with your local PBS station to see if (a) a Feb-March concert is part of the pledge package and (b) if the tickets are on sale prior to the telecast.

DVD Art EEEEE-Worthy!

Fans who pre-ordered the Tried & True: LIVE DVD or pledged donations during the special June 12 preview by Chicago's WTTW-11 PBS station have been receiving some EEEEE-worthy mail this week.

The Clay Aiken: Tried and True LIVE DVD is available as a 60-minute core version, released commercially two days ago, and as a 90-minute pledge event version to be distributed by PBS. The concert special, filmed in Raleigh, NC, in March was produced by International Media.

Decca Records lists the tracks of the core DVD as Mack the Knife, It's Impossible, It's Only Make Believe, You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Crying, Eso Beso, Who's Sorry Now, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Suspicious Minds, What Kind of Fool Am I, Build Me Up Buttercup, Misty, There's a Kind of Hush, Moon River, Unchained Melody, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Tried & True.

Dancermom2 scanned the front and back covers, booklet, and special photo accompanying the DVD. Below are double clickables of her scans:

Anyone have friends or relatives who live in the 7/31 and 8/1 cities? I know a ton of folks in Nashville who will be receiving an email with info about Clay's PBS Special and a link to the above promo video. I wouldn't doubt you know people who need the same kind of email!

The next three Timeless Tour performances are Thursday, July 29, 7 p.m. PT, Mountain View Plaza, Snoqualmie, WA; Saturday, July 31, 8 p.m. PT, Silver Legacy Casino, Reno, NV; and Sunday, Aug. 1, 7 p.m. PT, Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA.

A complete listing appears in Tour, TV Jam Clay Aiken Calendar, the 7/18 Carolina blog entry.

Below is a double clickable of the special photo that comes with the Tried & True ~ LIVE! DVD:

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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New Book: The Grimm Reader: The Classic Tales of the Brothers Grimm by Maria Tatar

The Grimm Reader: The Classic Tales of the Brothers Grimm

A few weeks ago I wrote a lengthy entry, Reading Grimms; or, Picking an English Translation, Etc., in which I mentioned the upcoming The Grimm Reader: The Classic Tales of the Brothers Grimm by Maria Tatar.  It is now available on Amazon for ordering--although I see that it is already out of stock temporarily--although  the official release is August.  This is a new translation of 40 Grimms tales.  I haen't seen a copy yet, so I don't know how much introductory or extra materials there are beyond an introduction by A. S. Byatt.

Here's the publisher's description:

Forty of the most famous and celebrated stories from the Brothers Grimm translated and edited by a leading professor of folklore.

Even after two hundred years, the tales collected by the Brothers Grimm remain among our most powerful stories. Their scenes of unsparing savagery and jaw-dropping beauty remind us that fairy tales, in all their simplicity, have the power to change us. With some of the most famous stories in world literature, including “Cinderella,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Hansel and Gretel,” “Snow White,” as well as some less well known stories like “The Seven Ravens,” this definitive collection promises to entrance readers with the strange and wonderful world of the Brothers Grimm.

Maria Tatar’s engaging preface provides readers with the historical and cultural context to understand what these stories meant and their contemporary resonance. Fans of all ages will be drawn to this elegant and accessible collection of stories that have cast their magical spell over children and adults alike for generations.

I know this will be an automatic buy for many libraries and some readers--Tatar's name is enough to insure that--but it also promises to be a new translation worthy of comparison to the other best ones. (See that previous blog entry I mentioned above.)  I have gained a much great understanding and respect for translators this past year after working through several for my upcoming Sleeping Beauties--I have translated roughly 20 tales for that collection.  Tatar approached the project as both an expert on German and the Grimms, so I expect this to be an excellent offering, especially considering her previous books.
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Lista- Carros e Motos Mais Roubados no Brasil em 2010

Ranking- Veículos mais Furtados em 2010

A Confederação Nacional das Empresas de Seguros Gerais divulgou hoje o ranking dos carros e motos mais roubados no Brasil durante o 1º semestre de 2010, ao todo foram registrados 191.347 ocorrências desse tipo envolvendo motos, veículos e caminhões, no Brasil existe algo em torno de 61 milhões de veículos registrados.

No topo da lista está o VW Gol com 21.907 roubos, totalizando 11,45% do total, entre as motos a Honda CG 25 lidera com 13.051 roubos ou furtos, o que equivale a 6,82% do total, confira abaixo a lista completa com os carros mais visados para roubo ou furto durante o 1º semestre de 2010:

Posição | Marca Veículo | Nº de Roubos ou Furtos
1º VW Gol- 21.907 
2º Honda CG 125- 13.051
3º Fiat Uno- 11.592
4º Fiat Palio- 10.104
5º Honda CG 150- 7.594
6º GM Corsa- 6.024
7º GM Celta- 4.208
8º Honda CBX- 4.023
9º VW Fusca- 3.581
10º VW Parati- 3.159

Olhando para a lista e o ranking o que pode se concluir é que o valor dos seguros desses automóveis com certeza irão pesar mais no bolso do motorista, e para aqueles que pensam que só por que tem um Fusca não correm perigo é melhor se precaverem, pois o veículo continua na mira de assaltantes.

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Muppet News Flash: Jack and the Beanstalk

Today's Muppet News Flash: Jack and the Beanstalk

This is the last one I'm posting. I've been traveling this week and posted these before leaving. Thanks for indulging me!

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Muppet News Flash: News on the Three Pigs

Today's Muppet News Flash: News on the Three Pigs

This one is perhaps the cleverest of them all...and the most like a real news report so even more amusing. Those pigs made me laugh, "How would you feel?"

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Sonny Gibson, 4 Anos Morreu em Máquina de Secar

O pequeno Sonny Gibson de apenas 4 anos morreu ontem ao brincar de esconde-esconde, o garoto britânico se escondeu em uma máquina de secar roupas, após uma hora de buscas pela polícia que havia sido chamada pelo desaparecimento do menino ele foi encontrado já morto por sua mãe, vale salientar que esse tipo de acidente doméstico acontece no mundo todo, inclusive no Brasil, milhares de crianças morrem todos os anos em brincadeiras semelhantes, os eletrodomésticos preferidos são geladeira, freezer, microondas, máquina de lavar ou secadoras, alías os acidentes domésticos são responsáveis pela maioria dos casos de morte de crianças em nosso país, por isso fica o alerta para todos os pais, todo o cuidado é pouco com filhos pequenos, uma saída para evitar esse tipo de acidente é comprar trancas e claro a conversa, tente educa-los e explique os riscos existentes em casa, não deixemos que mais nenhum Sonny Gibson morra por sua inocência.

Recomendo a Leitura:

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Clay Aiken-Ruben Studdard Show Rocks Florida

MOCK REMATCH - The singers open the Timeless Tour show in an American Idol duel of vocals and antics. At one point, Clay sits on Ruben, only to be royally dumped on floor. Photo by Invisible926.

Memorable Vocals, Comic Stylings

Florida 3-fer Ends on High Note

Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, & Company saved the best till last as the final show of the Florida 3-fer is being hailed by fans as the funniest, most energetic, musically entertaining, and technically tight yet.

On top of that, the audience, filled with both men and women, enjoyed lots of interaction with the charismatic performers and showed them with much appreciative applause.

Outback of Clay Aiken Fans posted a brief report following Monday's Clearwater performance:

There have been a lot of men at all three Florida shows -- more than I have ever seen. Of course, the front is chock full of Claymates, but there are lots of couples. At two of the shows, I had two young guys sitting beside me. Never had that happen before.

That golden voice was out of this world. Clay can dance, and "Rev. Ruben" didn't have anything to do with it. He's got soul, y'all; this is funky dancing. I can't wait for everyone to see the show!

Another fan, kbdm, reported to the Clayboard that the Aiken-Studdard duo had the audience from the first note to the last.

People were on their feet, dancing, singing, laughing the entire show; and the guys kept cranking it up each time they looked at the audience to measure our reactions. Fantastic show!

Annie2053 from Clayversity, who sat 18 rows from the stage, posted that she and her husband loved the show:
My husband was applauding after songs before I was and laughing his face off. We attend a lot of these types of concerts at Ruth Eckerd Hall, so we can compare reactions of audiences from other shows. This is one of the more enthusiastic and energetic shows we've seen here.

Canuck2010, who attended all three Florida shows, reported to Clayversity:
Clay was in top form last night, great voice, comic timing that would be the envy of any comedian out there. All the banter bits are becoming second nature, and the ad-libbing is hysterical. Ruben, Casey and Quiana all have incredibly powerful voices as well.

The difference in last night's show from the first two in Florida was the energy. I think we owe a lot of that to Ruben since he basically said, "If you're having fun, show it." He encouraged the crowd to get up and dance -- or rather he ordered us to.

I do believe it's my favorite tour ever. Ever! All I could think of to compare it to was Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis -- but better!

Photos by Deemer, 1-2, and Invisible926, 3-16, provide glimpses of Monday's Clearwater Concert:

Timeless Tour Set List Evolves

After four concerts, the Timeless Tour set list has evolved and is leveling off. On the "live feed," lots of visitors arrived on the Carolina doorstep searching for the Timeless Tour's play list. The set below is the product of three message boards and is probably still a work in progress.

Flying Without Wings / This is the Night (Mash-Up)

Suspicious Minds - Clay

Bring it On Home to Me - Ruben

60's MEDLEY: In the Midnight Hour / Up on the Roof / Goin' Out of my Head / You Can’t Hurry Love / Happy Together / I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) / Crying / Soul Man / Wouldn’t It Be Nice / Candy Girl / Shot Gun / Sugar Sugar / Harper Valley PTA / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg / Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Natural Woman - Casey

Still the One - Clay

Marvin Gaye Tribute - Mercy Mercy Me / What’s Going On - Ruben

70's MEDLEY: Night Fever / Ain’t No Stopping Us Now / December 1963 (Oh What A Night) / Oh Girl / On the Radio / Turn the Beat Around / Get On Up (James Brown) / Don’t Go Breaking My Heart / More than A Feeling / September

Mandy - Clay

Superstar - Ruben

I’m Every Woman - Quiana

Stay with Me Tonight - Ruben

The Revival"Rev" Ruben heals Clay of "lackofrhythmitis."

The Healing Service
Double clickable by Deemer

When I See You Smile - Clay

80's MEDLEY: Eye of the Tiger / All Night Long / Glory of Love / Shout (Tears for Fears) / Africa (Toto) / Can’t Fight This Feeling / Through the Fire / All Night Long / If This Is It / Alone / Caribbean Queen / Nothing’s Going to Stop Us Now / Footloose

Everything I Do I Do It For You - Ruben

90's MEDLEY:
This How We Do It / Poison / Achy Breaky Heart / You’ve Got the Right Stuff / MMMBop / End of the Road / I Swear / I Want It That Way / Do You Remember the Time/ You Oughta Know / Jump Around / Baby Got Back / Living La Vida Loca / One Sweet Day

Time of My Life - Group

Photos Capture Melbourne Show

Clay Nation photographers captured a variety of moments during the Timeless Tour Show at Melbourne's King Center for the Performing Arts.

These clickable photos by Invisible926 (1-11) plus the requisite sock pix (12) by Deemer and a wave from the bus (13) by Floridaiken show the four singers -- Clay, Ruben, Quiana Parler, and Casey Thompson -- as they appeared Sunday afternoon.

The Timeless Tour cast and crew now travel westward. The next three performances are Thursday, July 29, 7 p.m. PT, Mountain View Plaza, Snoqualmie, WA; Saturday, July 31, 8 p.m. PT, Silver Legacy Casino, Reno, NV; and Sunday, Aug. 1, 7 p.m. PT, Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA.

Fans Explain Loyalty to Clay

On the
Hollywood Outbreak website, there's an audio of Clay saying he can't begin to comprehend the loyalty of his fans. So far, many have replied RE the reasons they have stayed on the Clay Train since 2003.

Click on the media bar at the site to hear Clay's explanation; and if you'd like, leave a comment telling Singer Man why you're still a member of the Clay Nation.

'I Believe We Can' screen cap by cindilu2

Almost as an encore to the Clearwater Concert, the Clay Aiken-Chaka Khan duet "I Believe We Can" (from Phineas & Ferb's "Summer Belongs to You" episode due out the first week of August) premiered at 10 p.m. Monday on Disney Radio.

You can listen to the song now at the Disney Radio website. To play it a second time, refresh the page.

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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