'The League' Season 3 Spoilers!

Fans of The League waited in anticipation while FX decided if they were renewing the super hilarious fantasy football show and sighed in relief when it was announced they'd be returning for a 3rd season.

At least, I did.

Being a ginormous fan of the show I'm so happy to see that they'll be returning on October 6.

Season 3 will bring of course bring a lot of the casts normal nutty behavior and foul mouth language but we'll also be getting a few celebrity guest stars which will include Pineapple Express star Seth Rogan and SNL's Will Forte.
We made a promise to our fans last year that if FX brought us back for a third season, that they would meet Dirty Randy,” said exex producer Jackie Schaffer. With Rogen playing Rafi’s infamous friend, “We think it’s going to be great.
It doesnt end there...
"Viewers will meet Andre’s sister, with whom several of the boys have a difficult history; Ruxin will get a hot live-in au pair (played in several episodes by United States of Tara‘s Brie Larson); and we’ll meet one of the “out-of-town guys, played by Will Forte."
We should also expect the guys to bring up the NFL lockout from the get go. Exec producer Schaffer says they had a whole Plan B set out in case the lockout lasted longer than it did. He also says that the network allowed them to push back their shooting day in hopes that the lockout would end...I'm sure they're glad it did.
Plan B revolved around [Pete, Ruxin et al] losing their minds,” series EP Jeff Schaffer shared at the FX comedy’s Television Critics Association summer press tour session in Beverly Hills. Citing one example, “Poor Andre (played by Paul Scheer) would’ve put all of his heart and soul into Fantasy NBA” — only to be doubly devastated when that sport (possibly) gets stymied by its own lockout.
Haha...that would have been hilarious!



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