Marg Helgenberger Says 12th Season Of 'CSI' Is Her Last!

There were serious rumors that Marg Helgenberger wouldn't even be returning for this season of CSI but that was soon dismissed.

Marg and new co-star Ted Danson joned a panel to discuss the upcoming 12th season of the hit CBS show on Wednesday. During the discussion, Danson opening said he's thrilled to be a part of the cast while Helgenberger stated that she plans to make the 12th season her last. She claimed to have a hard time letting go, hence her decision to stay on for now:
having a hard time letting go and that I was not yet done playing this character. That’s why I decided to extend (my contract) a little bit.”
Helgenberger plays the role of Catherine Willows on the show and is one of the few remaining stars from the original cast. I haven't really kept up on the show but I watched last season's final & thought it was crap...hopefully Danson can help them out a bit.



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