Celebrity Fergie Ferguson Carrie Underwood's iHeartRadio Night

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Hot celebrity Fergie Ferguson Carrie Underwood performed during day one of the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Friday night.

The "Before He Cheats" beauty looked stunning as she took to the Las Vegas set, sporting a black and silver top, sequin black shorts and black peep-toe booties for her time at the star-studded music event.

While backstage folks from RyanSeacrest.com met up with Carrie, where she dished about her forthcoming studio record, as she explained, "I am currently working on album number four. “American Idol” days seem like a million years ago to me to be honest, but I’m really excited. Doing a lot of writing. Doing some recording. Kind of taking a different approach to the whole album making process right now.”
Miss Underwood continued, “We would like get all of our songs together and then go record them, and have them out. And now, I’m just kind of doing them a little bit at a time. It’s kind of nice to work and then take some time to be a person and then work some more. I don’t know. Keeps me creative," adding that the release of the album "won't be too much longer. I want to really, this is number 4, I’m not playing around anymore. I’m serious.”

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