Don’t Text and Drive! Saying Justin Bieber

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Putting his celebrity to work for a good cause, Justin Bieber was spotted filming a public service announcement in Avondale Estates, Georgia yesterday .
The “Never Say Never” singer mingled with locals and posed for pictures as he shot a commercial to urge teens to quit text messaging while driving.
And it seems Justin kinda misses being a regular kid, as he shared on his Twitter page recently. A fan tweeted him the question, “If you could..would you for one day go back to being a normal kid? just for a day.”
And Mr. Bieber replied, “Yeah…for more than 1 day. i love my life but yeah. this question stuck out to me. i wanted to answer it. thanks.”
Enjoy the pictures of Justin Bieber filming a public service announcement about 'not texting and driving'
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