Super Sexy Celebrity Ashley Green Posed BlackBook Magazine

Ashley Green added another milestone of her career because of BlackBook Magazine. She is very excited for this activity. 

Super Sexy Celebrity Ashley Green Posed BlackBook Magazine

Super Sexy Celebrity Ashley Green Posed BlackBook Magazine

Getting in promotional mode with "Breaking Dawn Part 1" less than a month away from release, Ashley Greene finds herself adorning the November 2011 issue of BlackBook magazine.

The Alice Cullen actress posed for a Dean Isidro shot spread while chatting with the publication about her relationship speculation, being a hard worker since the age of 14 and being brought up by a Marines dad.

Highlights from Miss Greene's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to visit BlackBook!

On being rumored to be dating... everyone:
"I'm dating everyone! My brother lives in LA and won't even walk outside a restaurant with me. He's like, 'I don't want to be romantically linked to you.'"

On her crazy work ethic:
"I worked at the dry cleaner across from my school, I worked accounts payable for a company, I did hosting, I worked at a bowling alley, I worked at a boutique. I worked at a hotel, I worked at a restaurant, I did modeling, I worked everywhere. And I didn't get fired!"

On her Sports Illustrated photoshoot:
"My team asked them to go easy on the Photoshop. I'm not perfect, I have flaws."

On having a tough dad:
"My dad used to be in the Marines, so no one is going to give him flack. At 14, I was being a little brat, I thought I knew everything, and my dad was like, 'I own your bed, your TV, everything.' There was a lot of discipline, and with what I'm doing now, I'm glad for it."

On being strong when it comes to sports:
"Growing up I was very competitive with my brother. He did martial arts, and I was a tomboy. I got into martial arts and won medals. Once on the trampoline, I hit my leg and it just snapped. They put pins in it. I broke my arm twice, I broke my femur twice, I split my head open twice."


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