Rihanna Refuse another Concert-Celebrity Gossip

Hot celebrity Rihanna cannot give her valuable time because of extra pressure. So, this celebrity told celebrity gossip “I cannot give more time for concert because of my tiredness.”

Rihanna Refuse another Concert-Celebrity Gossip

Being one of the most in-demand pop stars in the world can be overwhelming, and Rihanna had to axe a gig in Sweden last night (November 2) due to exhaustion.

The “Take a Bow” songstress is simply run-down from her constant touring and wasn’t up to performing in Stockholm, her second cancellation this week.

Live Nation Sweden rep Kristofer Akesson told press, "It was due to fatigue again. It was a very difficult decision to make at the last moment, but Rihanna's health was really deteriorating. She was very disappointed and it was a decision we didn't want to make."

An insider shared, "She was so ill. She could barely stand up. She was pushing herself to do the show, but she couldn't do it in the end. At the Globe Rihanna was close to passing out. It got serious. She couldn't even get up to leave. So she slept in her dressing room until about half an hour after midnight and then they helped her out to the car and back to her hotel."


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