Bargain Book: The Thief (Attolia) by Megan Whalen Turner

The Thief (Attolia) by Megan Whalen Turner is temporarily marked down to $1.99 in ebook format.

When this series first became available for my Kindle, I bought the entire set immediately despite owning multiple copies of all the titles in paper editions--extras for lending, you understand. I adore this series. Love. If it had been around when I was a teen, it would have been on my ultimate list along with Madeleine L'Engle, Robin McKinley, L. M. Montgomery, etc.--you get the drift.

So if you have never read this book and its series, do so soon. My favorite is actually King of Attolia, but they are all wonderfully amazing and you are best off starting at the beginning.

And for $1.99 you are supporting Turner and getting a deal over a used book price.

And it was a Newbery Honor Book. So I am not alone in my enthusiasm.

More than one friend who has followed this recommendation regularly asks me if Turner has a new book coming soon. And more than one has described book depression after finishing the series. You know, that elated/depressed manic feeling when you finish a book you loved and enjoyed because nothing else you read for a while will be as good, perhaps even disappointing, until the memory fades a little.


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