'The Dark Knight Rises' Batman & Bane Fight Scene Photos!

With all the hype about this movie I sure hope it turns out to be great. Granted Christian Bale has almost never let down the viewers but...there's always that 'one-time'.

The cast and crew were in Pittsburge when these scenes were shot.
The stand-in for Gotham (replacing Chicago in Nolan's first two films), the Steel City is hosting a large chunk of the production for the film, including some battle scenes that were shot over the weekend. Taking place at Carnegie Mellon University, the heroes and villains were out in full force -- and so were the paparazzi, providing scintillating photos that tease and sometimes spoil some of the plot.
We seen Christian Bale, as Batman, taking on Tom Hardy's Bane, the masked man in the jacket. He's an inmate at Arkham Asylum before busting out and taking the other prisoners with him, as shown in another photo. Also pictured are Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as Gotham special assignment cop John Blake, and Marion Cotillard as Bruce Wayne employee Miranda Tate. Not pictured are Anne Hathaway as Catwoman or Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon.
Bane is supposed to be super-sized, which he certainly is not in the photo; perhaps CGI will give him the mass needed to break Batman's back, as he does in the storyline for the film.
I can't wait to see what Anne Hathaway's catwoman suit looks like!


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