Katy Perry Has Pink Hair!

Singer Katy Perry was spotted out and about in Hollywood on Monday sporting a new color...and it wasn't her new blonde color either. Katy was photographed with bright pink hair that still showed some of her blonde roots.

She's been pretty secretive about the color she's aiming for but tweeted somewhat of a hint on July 25:
I have been dying my hair since 10pm! Good GOD let me get to my destination tonight! #beenblack #beenblue #beenhotginge #beenblonde #now…” later adding, “Still transitioning…………… practicing patience!”
I'm not really liking the pink on her either but at least I no longer have to say how much I don't like her with blonde hair every time I see a photo of her, ha-ha. Let hope whatever the end color result is, it's better than these last two.



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