Mermaids Annual from Faerie Magazine Publisher

The publisher of Faerie Magazine is starting an annual Mermaid magazine, the first issue of which is due out next month. From the website:

Mermaids - Over 200 pages of lush photography, renowned authors and artists, packed with information including the current revival of interest in Mermaids. Advice for aspiring mermaids! Fiction, non-fiction, aquariums and aquatic wonderland, find out what's happening under the sea! Designed to be collected and treasured for years, Mermaids will stun you with 'lore' and the 'lure'!

Pre-orders for Mermaids, orders placed before September 15, 2011, will cost $11.95 (a savings of 20%), plus shipping. Beginning September 15, 2011, Mermaids will cost $14.95 plus shipping.


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