The Late Show with David Latterman Drops By Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Drops By “The Late Show”

Hey guys something you want special, looking so hot, reading so nice. This is the information of Sarah Jessica. To know this celebrity gossip and see this celebrity pics you can read.

Celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker was stopped at “The Late SHOW with David Latterman” yesterday stepping out for a promotional appearance.

The “Sex and the City” click was at the Ed Sullvian Theature to promote this hot celebrity upcoming movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” and wore not one,but two designer outfits during her visit.

Ms. Parker told a story of an incident while chatting with Letterman that happened to her while out doing press tours in Russia- a man tired to kiss her!

“He become rather bostful and he ripped open his shirt, you know he’s Russian, and he had a pen and he wanted me to sign his chest. And then he went in for a big kiss, and I just squealed like a lady, and just ran.” 

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