Lindsay Lohan Saying "I've Done Tons of Community Service"

Lindsay Lohan Salon in Beverly Hills

This is very important news for everybody, specially Lindsay Lohan fans. To know this hot celebrity you must read this celebrity gossip and see this celebrity pics.
Cruising around town in style, Lindsay Lohan was covered visiting Byron & Tracey salon in Beverly Hills while arriving in a brand new ride on Tuesday afternoon .
The troubled "Georgia Rule" actress hopped out of her sporty Porsche Panamera S looking ever-so-chic as she headed into the place of beauty to get her coif prettied up before emerging hours later with a big smile on her face.
The sighting comes just after a Radar Online report claimed that LiLo has been blowing off her court-ordered community service hours - which she and her rep have both denied.
Of the claim, Lohan told E! News, "I've done tons of DWC community service. You guys [Radar] are way off par on your inadequate and negative assumptions."
The 25-year-old's rep added, "Lindsay has been performing community service at the Downtown Women's Center for months now. There are dozens of paparazzi shots of her going in and out of the facility. How could anyone think she is not doing her community service?"
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Celebrity pics lindsay lohan
celebrity picture lindsay lohan


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