EXCLUSIVE Interview With The Fiery 'Saddle Ranch' Star Alex Cymrot!

She held her own throughout the first season of VH1's Saddle Ranch and never held back what she thought but with so much footage being crammed into 30 minute episodes we didn't really get to know much about one of Saddle Ranch's best servers. Well, other than the fact she'll get in your face if you try selling her table drinks, hence taking money that's rightfully hers.

One of the shows earliest cast members outright called Alex Cymrot the Saddle Ranch "bitch" and I thought it was a bit harsh considering it was only the first or second episode. However as the season progressed it was very much a proven fact. 

I was given the opportunity to interview Alex a few weeks ago and the dark haired siren was gracious enough to give us a little insight into what really went on during that heated bar fight when Robb was burned, reveals that she still believes in fairy tales, went to law school for love and she even hints at the fact that there may be a Season 2 coming!  

Want to read all about it? Here's my full interview with the fiery Alex:

ITL: You’re originally from Beverly Hills, the city in which Aaron Spelling depicted as being all about rich kids and nice cars, would you say living in L.A. is all that much different from there?
Alex: There's a tape out there somewhere where I talk about that...about 90210, the show, the cars, and Charlie Sheen lol. Seriously. It is different. Not better, not worse...just different. It's part of the dream that everybody chases out here...what you go chase when everyone's dreamland is your hometown reality....just saying. :-)

ITL: Taylor called you ‘the bitch’ of Saddle Ranch in one of the episodes. Would you say that’s a correct description of yourself or just a misconception?
Alex: No...I'm a bitch. But I'm also an amazing person to have on your side. Just don't cross me, EVER or I will dismantle your life as you know it. :-)

ITL: You were pretty upset when Cassie served drinks to some of your tables which led to a pretty heated argument between you two. You had stated it was because she taking money you could’ve been making, was it in fact about the money or were a little intimated by a new girl from Universal?
Alex: lol...a new girl from anywhere...coming into Saddle wouldn't intimidate me. A muppet from the valley is just funny. Don't fuck with my hustle, get your own...or get crushed. End of story.

ITL: You seem to be really good at your job. How long have you worked at Saddle Ranch? And, do you
have any suggestions for patrons when dealing with restaurant servers/waitresses (i.e. don’t snap
your fingers at them to get their attention)?
Alex: 2.5 yrs. Just don't be mean. Saddle servers, bartenders, everyone...wants you to enjoy yourself. Mistakes happen, there are rules, and remember...we are all someones sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend...how would they like someone treating that person in their life so poorly?

ITL: In a couple of episodes you can be seen sporting a pretty large rock on your ring finger. Are you
married and exactly how many carats is that beauty?
Alex: lol...No, I'm not married. I was engaged...then...well...let's just say I totally get Dritas and the MW's (Mob Wifes) plight. Carats?....quite a few.

ITL: You’re a good looking woman and there has been some speculation as to how old you are. Hypothetically, if you had to fill out a form that asked you to mark a box that stated your age range which one would you mark, Box 1 (18-25); Box 2 (26-35); Box 3 (none of your damn business)?
AlexIt's funny that my age is such a topic. My measurements are far more interesting. To answer your question...box 2. But seriously..speculate all day...I love it.

ITL: Out of all of your co-stars, who would you say you have the best relationship with and why?
AlexRachel. lol...just because.

ITL: I did a Google search on you, hoping to find out some juicy dirt but didn’t find anything. I guess this is good news for you but it also means that the world doesn’t know much about you. Tell me 5 interesting facts about yourself…
  1. It's very expensive to makes things disappear from Google...lol kidding.
  2. I have a puggle named Rebuttal.
  3. I'm scared of thunder and ants.
  4. I went to law school for a guy a was in love with.
  5. Despite growing up in a town that is built on broken dreams...I still believe in fairytales, true love and
    happy endings.
ITL: You seemed to stay away from most of the drama that went on, would it be accurate to say that you’re a pretty laid back person who tends to steer clear of dramatic situations like the one that occurred when all of you went out, resulting in Robb getting punched and burned?
AlexThat's the funniest thing I've ever heard...in all ever ever of everdom. (thanks zito). You should ask Candy that question about me, she would probably break a rib laughing. I'm usually smack dab in the middle of everything and rarely have anything to do with it. I just like to know what's going on. All the time. Everywhere, lol. And where was I during the Robb fight? Standing on the banquet screaming and definitely NOT holding a bottle ready to crack someone.

ITL: Can you emphasis on what it was really like the night at that bar when the fight between Robb and the bar dude occurred? Was it really as intense as it looked on TV or was most of it just good editing?
Alex: Straight up....the editing made it look tame. That stupid fuck from the bar punched Rachel in the face. I guess it was best they didn't really show how bad it was, promoting that type of violence isn't cool, so props to VH1. That was a crazy night. Banned for life kinda crazy...but that's us. Lol.

ITL: There hasn’t been any news on there being a season 2 of Saddle Ranch but if there is and they ask you to return, will you take them up on the offer?
Alex: The experience, the people at both Bunim Murray and VH1 have been awesome. The crew that we filmed with, everyone was so great. So yes, absolutely. Besides, like you said, Google doesn't know...yet...Saddle Ranch season 2 you will find out all kinds of things and get all kinds of answers about me...about all of us. The crazy didn't stop cause the cameras stopped filming...we've got a lot of catching up to do with our fans. We ow them.

ITL: If you learned one thing out of being on the show, what would you say it was?
Alex:   Hmmm...

Guess we'll have to tune in to the rumored second season of Saddle Ranch to find out if Alex learned anything from season one.

I hope VH1 does keep this show going, in all reality they could use to lose a few of their other shows & throw this one back into the mix.


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