The 'Jersey Shore' Guys Get A Tan For The Holiday Weekend

The Jersey Shore fellas headed to the beach for some tanning time before the 4th of July holiday weekend and 'The Situation' even had time to chat it up with a {not so attractive} girl.

The cast of Jersey Shore is currently back in NJ filming season 5 of the MTV hit show. They just wrapped filming for season 4 in Italy and there is talk that the show will be re-cast after season 5 wraps.

I know most of the fans are going to be a bit disappointed to no longer see their favorite ultra tanned people on the show but just remember that The Situation, Snooki, JWOWW and Pauly D have all signed on for their own shows. Yay?

And in all reality the amount of money these people are getting paid to drink until they pass out and party is totally uncool...bring in the newbies!



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