Alicia Silverstone & Krysten Ritter Are Total 'Vamps'!

The 34-year-old (really? She still looks 24) Clueless star may have just recently given birth to her first child but Alicia Silverstone isn't that stop her from getting back into the Hollywood limelight. 

Considering she's been out of the movie game for a quiet a while, I'm totally not counting the shitty movie she came out in this year, but it looks like she's finally found a role to get the people talking about her again in the upcoming horror-comedy Vamps.

The movie is written by Amy Heckerling who also wrote Clueless and will star 'She's Out of His League' actress Krysten Ritter and Alicia Silverstone as two sisters who are  reformed, modern vampires living the good life in New York City. Unfortunately, one of these lovely vampires falls in love with a human, which ends up causing all sorts of problems -- especially when, this humans last name is Van Helsing. Academy Award nominee Sigourney Weaver will also co-star in the movie as the 'bad' vampire. 
Vamps filming has already been completed and doesn't have a specific release date as of now but it will be some time in 2012.

Sounds like a cute enough movie and the fact that the writer is the same woman who wrote Clueless and I Could Never Be Your Woman, there's a big possibility I'll catch it in the theaters versus waiting for it to come out on DVD.

Below are few stills from the movie...


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