'Teen Mom' stars Catelynn & Tyler Get Evicted!

The Teen Mom couple finally moved into their own apartment on the show but it didn't take long for their happiness to end.

According to TMZ, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra signed a lease for their Marine City, Michigan apartment in the summer of 2010 but stopped turning in a rent check in December 2010. Um...doesn't MTV pay them some pretty good cash? Pay your rent guys!

After their landlord filed legal documents, Catelynn and Tyler lost their $450 security deposit, wrote a $450 check to their landlord and moved out. 

There's no news on what their living arrangement is now but one can only hope that they didn't end up back at their parents. Honestly, Catelynn's probably better off living with wolves than she is with her bitch of a mother...yikes.


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