'Dexter' Season 6 Trailer & Spoilers!

A trailer for the season 6 of Showtime's hit show Dexter premiered at Comic-Con this week and man does it look good!

Michael C. Hall is back and is better than ever. From the looks of it the writers have Dexter back to his original ways, killing...which I"m happy about. I wasn't a big fan of him trying to be family man, it bored me.  

I'm excited about the upcoming season, which airs October 3, 2011.

Season 6 spoilers -->
  • Dexter feels ill equipped to provide the right guidance to his son, and worries about passing the "Dark Passenger" to Harrison, so he turns to religion to help his son, something Dexter himself has never really explored.
  •  Harrison is definitely older, so there's something of a time jump. The two actors playing Harrison have aged to learn the word "no," so more improvising in the scenes is required.  
  • LaGuerta and Batista will be "very spicy" this year.
  • He's completely "unplugged" from the experience of dating, getting back in his element as far as killing.
  • Masuka will have his crew of interns to deal with this year, and will definitely have "an interesting  time." On the Dexter facebook site you can play an online game to be Masuka's "Intern of the week."
  • There definitely won't be any more attempts to tie the series into the Jeff Lindsay books.  "We don't even read the books," said executive producer Sara Cottleton.
  • Will Deborah find out more about the secret, given what happened in the season five finale?  "Deb is very smart.  Dexter is smarter," said executive producer Scott Buck.  But what about Quinn?  "Dexter is definitely smarter."
  • OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION:  Rita was killed by the Trinity killer.  No ambiguity about it. Most of Colin Hanks scenes are with Edward James Olmos, while Mos Def works more with Michael C. Hall.
  • Can't say for sure if we'll see Astor and Cody again, but they'll definitely be referenced, and weighing on Dexter's mind.


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