Ben Affleck Is Spotted Sporting 'The Bieber' Hairdo...No!

Luckily he's only prepping for a movie role...phew!

I saw a photo of him wearing his hair like this yesterday and almost fainted because there was no way the talented Ben Affleck would fall victim to the 'Bieber' hair do on purpose.

Many people were even starting to say the new 'do was due to a mid-life crises but according to his rep, it's just for his newest movie, which he's staring & directing,  Argo.
The movie will be produced by Ben’s friend George Clooney, and is based “on the true story of how the CIA used a fake sci-fi film to rescue Americans during the Iran hostage crisis in 1981.”
Ben will play the leading man opposite veteran actors Alan Arkin and John Goodman.


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