Bradley Coopers To Star In 'The Crow' Remake!

And not just any role either. This hunk of a man will star in the lead role, playing Eric Draven who's resurrected from the dead to avenge his wife's brutal murder.

I personally never would have chosen him for the role but it could definitely be worse.

Being the huge fan that I am of the original film staring Bruce Lee's son, Brandon Lee I'm going to be ubberly upset if they fuck it up. Sometimes, classics should be just be left alone ya dig?

However, hottie Bradley Cooper has shown off his talent (and not just by being shirtless) with such movies as The Hangover and The A-Team. Hopefully the new director won't make him look like an emo-douchbag and he'll do the fans and the late Brandon Lee, who died in an accident while filming the film, proud.

*fingers crossed*


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