Nicholas Cage's Son Is Divorcing His Wife After 2 Months Of Marriage

And if that wasn't sad enough...she's also pregnant!

Weston Cage and Nikki Williams were only married two months ago but after both of their arrests due to domestic violence these two are officially calling it quits.

Gotta admit...I'm not really all that surprised. Not one bit. Also have to say he's pretty funky looking.

The situation got a little trashier when Weston took to his Facebook page to post random updates such as this one:
"dear world
i was misdiagnosed with bipolar and approved cogent when kevin assaulted me i was too drunk to fight back, that's why i'm not sore about the video. so dont judge a battle of where my vigor was abated by deathly amounts of booze. never hit my sife. why would i start abusing after she was positive after taking a pregnant-c test."
He's also claiming Nikki is the abuser and he's the victim.
"It's hard to believe but I was the one abused... I got three witnesses, a video recording, I was sober."
and added
"I'm not gonna be the one that gets dumped. Because it just wouldn't make sense. Why would I abuse the person I was trying to save?" he asked. "If I hit somebody which I haven't done in years... you want war, fine? Then let's have war. You want peace, I prefer that."
Weston then reverted back to Jr. High School by posting a lame ass poll asking friends to vote yes or no on whether he should divorce Nikki. You can check out his video here but I think he got enough votes because he posted this-->
"Made my choice getting divorced."
Yep, I guess it's just that easy sometimes.



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