Melissa McCarthy Joins 'Knocked Up' Spin-Off

Melissa McCarthy has made one hell of an impression on the world since co-staring in Bridesmaids. Honestly, she stole a lot of the scenes and made me laugh more than any other star in that movie. 

Seems she's made a nice impression on writer-director Judd Apatow too because he's just signed her onto his new Knocked Up spin-off staring his cute wife Leslie Mann and funnyman Paul Rudd.

Melissa will be playing the mother of a child that attends the same school as Manns' and Rudd's children. This spin-off will revolve around Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, who were the supporting cast members in Knocked Up, as the true stars of the film, chronicling their life raising children in their forties. 

I like this idea, the first movie sort of bombed for me.

In other news, Judd Apatow is putting together a new movie script with Melissa McCarthy and the sexy Jon Hamm in mind. Now that should be interesting.


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