Jonah Hill Talks About His Dramatic Weight Loss

It's no surprise to anyone that the Superbad actor has lost some weight. Actually, some would be an understatement...dude lost a lot.

Personally I think the chubby look suit him better but I guess it's all about being healthy, right? 

Jonah Hill went on the Today Show on Wednesday to promote his new movie Money Ball, co-staring Brad Pitt. While Hill was there to talk about the movie it was completely expected for the ladies to bring up the weight loss issue seeing as he's kept a pretty tight lip about it & how he's made it happen.
How did you lose so much weight?” Kathie Lee Gifford asked on Today this morning.
I just woke up one day, and I was like this,” Jonah joked. “It was really cool.”
No, I went and saw a nutritionist out here in New York, and I take it seriously,” the actor explained. “It’s a good decision.”
And while Jonah may have change his figure after this film, he changed his acting stylefor the film, too. Instead of comedy, Jonah stars in a drama!
For me, it’s a really beautiful and kind of defining time,” the Superbad star explained. “I’m an actor. I studied dramatic acting and comedic acting, and for me it’s really important to do both.”

Hill's next project is the remake of 21 Jump Street, which he will star in and also wrote the script for.

Here's the video of Jonah on the Today Show:


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