December Giveaway: Favorite Fairy Tale Things

So it's December and SurLaLune turns 13 this month! That's officially a third of my life and all of my life since I received my last degree. I am stretched thin this month with too many projects and demands that need to be completed, but of course, I will keep posting--November was a personal record with 101 posts for the month. (And if you want to receive email digests of the daily posts, try the email subscription link to the left.) I've got lots of post in the queue since this is what I do these days to take a break from other projects. Nope, no Freecell for me. I search news sites and try to sort my overfull email box.

But I still want your help! I have two ARCs to give away to entice you. Send me your recommendations of great reading or gifts with fairy tale and folklore connections. What have you loved this year? What are you giving or asking for as a holiday gift? Share your thoughts, send them to my email with "Fairy Tale Gifts" as a subject line through December 15th and I'll post them on the blog to share with other readers. Be sure to let me know how you want to be identified in the post and I will usually include links to your own blogs and sites if you like.

On December 16th I'll draw two random winners to receive one of two ARCs (advanced reading copies) I have waiting for eager readers. I may find more prizes for more submissions if I receive enough. One ARC is for the much buzzed new book to be released next month, Cinder by Marissa Meyer, and one that came out in November, Snow in Summer by Jane Yolen.

(And if you don't have Julie Andrews' voice singing "Favorite Things" going through your head yet, I hope you do now. Fitting since it is so often appropriated as a holiday season song.)


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