Fairy Tale Music: A Preview

Cinderella: Songs From the Fairy Tale

A few of you asked for my fairy tale playlist that I have on my MP3 players. I don't want you to think I have forgotten you, like I forget so much here on the blog. I don't have the full list to share today, but I do have an old list that is buried on the SurLaLune site which may be of interest to you now. It's on the old bookstore page at Fairy Tale Music. It is a long list, so don't think I am shirking!

I am planning a fairy tale music month here on the blog in March 2012 for Music in Our Schools Month. March has a lot of pertinent themes for the blog, but this year I am using the music theme since I haven't done so previously.

There are also song listings on the Modern Interpretations pages for each fairy tale on the SurLaLune main site, too.

And, by all means, do not forget to use the Music subject tag on this blog either to read about other fairy tale music. I have several entries about interesting projects.

So if you are curious and want a preview of some of what is to come, that's where to start. Or, if you got new listening devices for holiday gifts and want new things to fill it. I've been told that happens sometimes.

And, by all means, if any of you have fairy tale music to share, please do! This is one of my weaker categories besides graphic novels, especially manga. It's hard to do lyrics searches for songs and find the themes we seek as fairy tale fiends, so many miss my radar. And then there's the issue of most searches bringing up audiobook tracks instead of actual music. It can be a tedious process to find new examples of fairy tale inspired or simply referenced music.


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